American Rock and Roll.


Blackmaker rocks. Their songs...their sound...their shows. They flood rock and roll into every venue they play or headphone they're played through. They will punch you in the mouth and then politely hand you a towel for your lip. They will hurt you with volume, tear you up with energy and then let you back down with melody and an acoustic. No bandwagons. No trendiness. No bullshit. Blackmaker rocks.


Blackmaker Lyrics

Written By: Jeff Randall

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Ep's, comps:
2001 - "purple ep" produced by Mike Zirkel & Blackmaker
2001 - Best of unsigned Chicago - Jeff McClusky & associates
2002 - Nashville sessions - 4-song ep
2002 - Blackmaker acoustic - 4 song ep
2002- Chicago invasion ep - CMJ 2002
2003 - Nashville/home sessions - 5-song ep
Full lengths:
2004 - Full length release "staggering to the surface" Kentland records, Chgo IL
2006 - Currently, always writing more material for future brilliant releases
currently in Chicago recording new record, with a trip to Los Angeles to record a few songs at Radio Recorders.
2006-Recorded 3 Song EP at Gravity Studios Chi.

Set List

Typical set - 10-12 songs for a 45-50min. Selecting at least 6 from the new record, 4-5 older songs, and an ass-kickin guitar driven classic rock jam to boot.