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****Blazing commerical radio in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas!****


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Chop it, screw it, crunk it, or lay it down nice and slow-like, this rap music thing is about to be taken to a whole other level. Black Male Subject or "B.M.S." as he’s notoriously called is on deck to take the phenomenon in durty south urban music to higher ground.

With an energy and fire that would have Lil Jon gasping for air, B.M.S. literally attacks and beats down a track like it stole somethin. With deep roots in the historically renowned city of Montgomery, Alabama, this relentless flame-spitter paints a vivid picture of life in the durty for those who weren’t born with the silver spoon. Not to be confused with your run-of-the-mill tales of “How I Hustled In Da Hood”, B.M.S. is too crafty to bore folks with such elementary storytelling. Instead, he takes you on a wild and dangerous ride on “Attention All Units” where he is actually being pursued by the Jakes. Crazy right?! This high- octane performance is only the appetizer to a buffet of immaculately-produced gems that definitely warrant the head nod.

As it tends to go in the music industry cycle of life, what’s hot today is ice cold tomorrow---unless you are steeped in an environment that makes the rules---and your name is B.M.S. The solid talent and artistic strength that is being pumped out of Alabama, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas is the indicator that this sound is here to stay. The irreverence and unapologetic confidence that B.M.S. exudes is what makes him so intriguing. As if that isn’t enough, the mere fact that B.M.S. doesn’t have to resort to dropping 32 bars about how big his rims are or how icy he is shows he’s light years ahead of his comrades. “Ratt-A-Tatt” that.

The latest single from B.M.S., "Baby Doll", is buzzing in both the streets and the airwaves like a killa bee. With a platinum vocal appearance by producer Lil' L, it's no real surprise that PDs are eating it up. B.M.S. proves on this radio-friendly track that he can assimilate from the streets to the clubs--and even the commercial surface without skippin a beat.

“Life of a Ryder/Gangster Funk Musiq” is the debut album released under the burgeoning label La’Flame Entertainment. The combination of having a solid organization behind him, and stellar production by the hot, breakthrough team of Lil’ L & Smoke ‘D, B.M.S is on the fast track to being the “it” man in Hip-Hop.

With numerous club performances and appearances under his belt, B.M.S. is taking over the live circuit with his electric stage presence and animated persona. “His lyrics are captivating and very real--and his personality is engaging...he takes you on a colorful ride with each line of his songs,” said Jennifer Colter of TriFecta Entertainment in Atlanta after seeing B.M.S. perform live in Montgomery.

The path of over-produced, sample-laden, lyrically anorexic rap songs has been laid and trampled upon over time. It has only been in the last few years that the ante for true Hip-Hop music was upped—thanks to our southern kinfolk. Beats and rhymes as hot as an Alabama summer’s day are abundant now, and with each industry quarter a new star emerges. This is B.M.S.’s time and if you get nothing else from this man’s music—you’ll at the very least feel the passion for his roots. Durty south stand up!!!!