Black Mammoth

Black Mammoth


Black Mammoth is a seamless mix of screaming guitars, tribal drumming, and a drugged-up jungle atmosphere. Extra focus on costumes and looking good. Listening to Black Mammoth is an otherworldly experience that soothes the soul and sets free all dancing inhibitions


Black Mammoth began as an ambitious musical experiment, testing the limits of sonic audacity and human tolerance. The music is a strange mix of hypnotic guitar tinkering and Raindance drumming, with group chanting and stomping. The shows and jams usually start out with somber beginnings, but climax with full-on drum-smashing freakout fits of ecstacy. Black Mammoth provides the soundtrack for headaches, ear-bleeding, and most of all, a feet-moving good time. Some of our longer song files were too big to upload to sonicbids, but they're at


One self-recorded CDR, "Live From Fort Sexton" to be self-released Fall 07

Set List

Setlists vary for every show. Usually consisting of 4-6 songs lasting 30-40 minutes. Shows commonly end with a cover of "Dont Matter" by Akon