Black Market Bombshell

Black Market Bombshell


rock/punk band. 2 girls and 3 guys


Black Market Bombshell formed around spring 2010. Johnny knew Paul and Lynn from local East Village bars in NYC. Lynn knew Kymber and Paul knew Daniel. They went into a rehearsal studio and have been playing together ever since. Johnny Andrew is a NYC singer-songwriter/guitar player and performing artist who has performed in various venues in NYC and LA with different bands as well as solo. Kymber Lee - Formerly of The Jadewalkers; New York based Swedish-fronted garage punk. Artist, painter, illustrator, aspiring tattoo artist. Bla bla bla... Linzee, aka Lynzer started out as a dnb MC in 1997 and founded the all female DJ collective Sister NYC and Sister SF. Since then she has recorded with dance music artists and played at several venues around NYC with her former band, THE PERVS, as the lead singer and songwriter. Lynz has currently joined forces with local musicians in NYC to form the latest live music project, Black Market Bombshell. Village Voice review published 8/16/06 "The Pervs are an inspiring and debaucherous 80's rock/new wave/heavy metal outfit led by the ex-drum'n'bass luminary MC Linzee. D- The kid is an aspiring Chuck Berry guitarist and wants to groove his way to superstardom. D has played in assorted punk and traditional outfits but the BMBS have a vibe that's dope. PauL - Native NY'er. Former guest of NYC renown bellview hospital. Having the passion of a fan N longing to step out and rock after a long hiatus.


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