Black McKenzie

Black McKenzie


Black McKenzie is rooted in blues and rock, with eclectic influences as well. Formed in late 2005 and based in Grand Rapids, MI their music draws a definitive line in the sand with an intensity that swings into open spaces at any given moment. They are sure to have a song to please anyone.


Black McKenzie members have a collective musical history rich in performing and recording which draws on nearly 20 years of experience. From bands such as Liquid Sun and Red Jelly Jackson to Portrait and Two Headed Sam, they have gained experience playing a diverse number of venues; doing so locally, regionally and nationally as headline and opening acts. We came together as brothers in Nov. 2005 but have known eachother much longer than this. So when the tide turned and gave us good fortune, it was hard to deny the pure chemistry that was born. Thus, we followed suit by deciding anything worth doing is worth doing right. We would take our time and hash out the details of "WHO WE ARE" over what would become a long and cold winter of rehersals. All if our different interests and influences came to the table, but it was an equal share of similar ideals that finally created the sound we now come to know as Black McKenzie. The difference that sets us apart from other local music is our powerful volalist who shows up every night to amaze an audience. Also, the songs displayed will catch your ear wanting more. Our influences range from rock bands like Led Zepplin, Black Crows, Pink Floyd, Chris Cornell, Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine and Clutch to song writers like Chris Whitley, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Carlos Santana, Dave Matthews, and the Allman Brothers.


11 song LP:Morning Comes (BMI)
WZUU 92.5 fm Kalamazoo, MI Morning Comes, Excess Noise, Last Transmission on daily rotation.

Set List

A Black McKenzie set relies mostly on original material but you're sure to find a cover or two buried amongst their music. We currently have 11 songs recorded and published (BMI) on the compilation Morning Comes. Depending on the situation, we have played a set as short as 45 minutes and as long as 2 hours. When headlining a club, we typically play 3 one hour sets. We have over 40 original songs and continually compose new material. Our cover songs range from blues to rock and a mix of both arranging them to fit our style such as Phone Call From Levenworth (Chris Whitley) Young Lust (Pink Floyd) Evil Ways (Santana) Commotion (CCR) Diggin' in the Dirt (Peter Gabriel) What It Is And What Should Never Be (Led Zepplin)