Black Mesa Blues

Black Mesa Blues


The best way to describe us is Doom Blues, we mix the classic blues/rock sound with more contemporary sounds. We are very experimental and don't pandor to only one genre, we play what we feel and do not limit ourselves.


Black Mesa Blues began as a straight-up blues band, doing only covers and playing the things they listened to as kids. Soon, though, the band developed a case of genre schizophrenia and wasn't just hearing one musical voice but many. The band begin writing their own songs, mostly consisting of long jams with both lyrical and musical improvization. In one song Black Mesa Blues plays you will hear flamenco, metal, rock, blues, folk, and psychedelic all in about 4 minutes (one of the shorter songs). These different genres are weaved together by the musicians so well that the listener is left to wonder why these genres are not mixed more regularly. The band members themselves love their music and would play it even if only they were the only ones listening. The energy and passion that fills the room when they practice is certianly special and different from any other band with members their age.


Our Twisted Trunk Demo
The Stream Demo

Set List

Original Songs: My God Has Dark Skin, The Stream #1, The Stream #2, The Stream #3, The Stream #4, The Stream #5, Persephone, Coldest Winter, Protest Song, Padlock Blues, That Wall That Edge That Hammer, The Freedom of the Lotus Eaters, My Own God, plus tons of other jams.

Covers: We cover soem sogns of The Doors, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Cream.