Black Moor

Black Moor

 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CAN

"The promoters of the upcoming KISS concert on the Common are apparently seeking out local bands to apply for an opening spot, and I can't think of anyone more deserving than Dartmouth's BLACK MOOR. " No one else could hold their own against the gods of thunder." Review on Hooters show 2009


Black Moor is a Halifax based heavy metal band composed of Eric Hanlin on guitar and lead vocals, Nick Jones on lead guitar, Sylvain Coderre on drums and Rob Nickerson on bass. These four started jamming together under the name Black Moor in August of 2005, and since then have worked towards refining their sound and promoting the band. Heavily influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal, 80's thrash and some progressive rock, Black Moor plays melody driven metal that has often been likened to a cross between Iron Maiden and Megadeth. The boys are anxiously awaiting completion of their long overdue first album entitled: "The Conquering"


Black Moor - The Conquering 2009

Black Moor- Acid Biker Demo 2009- Currently has 2 tracks with airplay, on several major radio stations around the city of Halifax.

Black Moor- ...or Else demo 2007

Set List

Typical set list is an Hour to an hour and a half

We do a lot of 80's covers including, KISS, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Black Sabbath