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The best kept secret in music


"Black Moses Review"

BLACK MOSES: “Royal Stink” (Rootbag Records)

Black Moses is a trio composed of guitarist/vocalist Jim Jones, of the late Thee Hypnotics, bassist Graeme Flyn, founder member of the blues punk band Penthouse and drummer David Axford, whose credits include collaborations with Original Sinners and The Morgans. Sounding distinctly like The Who, MC 5 or even Little Richard bitten by the current garage rock’n’roll bug, this British powerhouse trio is one of those bands who will definitely appeal to anyone into the above groups/genre.
The most notable things upon first listens are the fact the guitars are in full force, the rhythm section is of course quite busy, and Jim Jones’ solo playing is electrifying. Needless to say, this is prime true rock’n’roll that blazes a wonderful and powerful sound with a single drop of pretention. Songs like “Better believe”, the bouncy “She got da moves”,“Thru you” where his guitar sears and soars, teases and thrills and the soulful groove “Lose control” are instantly memorable and uplifting all at once… Above all, Jim Jones wails and screams the vocals in such a crude/raw manner that they become downright infectious. The band is able to both sound well produced and dirty, which means they can avoid that death knell of being overproduced or slick.
Black Moses has all the elements to become not just a good, but also a great band.
- Concrete Web

"Black Moses Sonic Web"


CD - Black moses 'Royal stink' (rootbag records)

Posted by Gina on 21 Dec 2004 - 0 Comments

Review by Matt Brown

With 2004 drawing to a close and the only mainstream band being recognised as ‘old skool’ being The Darkness, Black Moses come as a breath of fresh air. Formed from the remains of two previous bands, Thee Hypnotics & Penthouse, Black Moses are a three piece rock’n’roll outfit from Aylesbury, who evidently have the ability to strut their way past all the throwback stereotypes that have surfaced as a result of The Darkness’ eventual failure and slating in the media. To compare the two bands is completely unfair though, as Black Moses still have the ability to rock with an edge whereas The Darkness’ glam rock circus became stale at least 6 months ago.

Recorded in a pub in Aylesbury, new album ‘Royal Stink’ combines all the elements of what was once great about AC/DC with a modernising edge that sets them apart from the bunch. Album opener ‘Cant Breathe (Turkey Neck)’ is the aural equivalent of being punched in the face by the large, angry man at the bar who is convinced that you stole his pint of Stella. With beautiful solos and addictive hooks, this track gives you an insight as to what to expect in the next half an hour. Album highlight ‘Better Believe’ is a mini-classic in its own right. It even (bizarrely) bares a strong resemblance to soul legend James Brown! Opening with a tuneful harmonica and eventually progressing into a (who’d have thought it?) soulful heavy metal song, this track swaggers and patronises in a way that we only thought the late Freddie Mercury was capable of.

To put it in short, Black Moses have on this record created a glam rock monster that kicks and screams like a baby with a temper. It has restored my faith in good, old fashioned rock’n’roll, and hopefully it wont be long before the population are once again collective believers, because Black Moses are simply so rock’n’roll that they demand even Mick Jagger to raise one of his heavily dosed eyebrows.


- Sonic Web

"sxsw review"

Black Moses
The Spill
Sat., Mar. 19th

It was the weekend, four days into the music portion of the fest and everyone seemed to be moving just a little slower than usual – a sea of dazed humanity fighting exhaustion and in search of more fun to fuel the haze. WWAD, myself, and a couple of Daredevils from Crank County fought our way through the oppressive sun and found the Spill, a ritzy shotgun joint on 6th. It was here, amongst the burnished dull metal and fancy new furniture, that the Thee Hypnotic Rev. Jim Jones and crew were slated to preach their sermon.
And what a sacred lecture it was. With the rhythm section of Graeme Flynn on bass and Dave Axford on drums, Black Moses spewed forth the grind and fury of the Stooges and Union Carbide Productions with a enough MC5 and Hawkwind psych thrown in to give it a sort of woozy blues swagger and sway and just a little lurch. And all of this while the three remained tighter than a white suburban boy’s asshole his first day in the joint. And while a dancing spastic Jones provided the show and the yowl, it was Flynn and Axford that held down the foundation, allowing him to even drop the guitar on occasion and rely solely on his voice and a harmonica.
So at 5 pm on a Saturday afternoon, a 0-50 (in twenty minutes) person crowd was treated to a real rock and roll revival and this time there was no spiked punch, just a bunch of free-flowing Lone Star. – Trevor Wallace
- Rank & Revue, Austin

"Justin Langshaw review"

Black Moses - Royal Stink By Justin Langshaw Black Moses are composed of one part Jim Jones (former singer with Thee Hypnotics), one part Penthouse bassist, and one part random newcomer drummer Dave Axford. First impressions, both musically and visually, would probably align them in the mind with our transatlantic friends. But despite the deliberately viscous riffs, well-trodden garage format and feather haircuts, Black Moses hail from round 'ere. This, their second album, was recorded behind a pub in Aylesbury. Yikes. So far, so Battle-of-the Bands. It would be easy to dismiss Black Moses on the basis of their obvious lack of heritage and pandering to the art of 'cool', but there is method to their madness, and their influences run deeper than it at first appears. Opener 'Can't Breathe' borrows stylistics (and guitar sounds) from The Jam, while 'Better Believe' seems to have a harmonica part robbed from, erm, Oasis. Then 'Stevie' has a threatening refrain wrapped up with pop doo-wops and Jones' Hutchence-esque wail. Their time to shine may have already passed, but as a live proposition, with their metal-plated classic rock, they might just be giants. They move forward with so much enthusiasm that it's hard to dislike. And just as hard to turn off. ››   NOW  |  LISTEN  |  SEE  |  US  |  TALK  |  DOWNLOAD |  BLOG | MEMBERS |  ARCHIVE |  HOME       NOW Wolf Eyes Gisli Redjetson Monkey Island Piano More... LISTEN Jay-Z vs Linkin Park Various Artists Let It Burn - The Expanding Universe LTJ Bukem - Progression Sessions Live Hood - Outside Closer Black Moses - Time - Litterture TTC - Batards Sensibles Lock & Key - Pull Up the Floorboards Neil Young - Greatest Hits Koala - Do Not Be Afraid Steven Kennedy Babes in Toyland New Noise Nuggets Part One New Noise Nuggets Part Two More... SEE Beastie Boys (Live) Jimmy Eat World (Live) N*E*R*D / Kevin Mark Trail (Live) Iron Maiden (DVD) Fatboy Slim (Live) The Beta Band (Live) More... US NN100: Albums of the Year 2004 'Dimebag' Darrell RIP The Singles Revue Part I Feeling negative : Paul Draper The Singles Revue Part II Hear Me Out #4 The Singles Revue Part III The Cardiff Film Festival More... Page 1 of 1 new noise 07/02/2005 - web

"Review of sxsw"

Black Moses at Flamingo Cantina, 10:05 p.m. 17/3/05
It’s usually not a wise move to be at a urinal in a rock club and, as you grip your dribbling member, turn to the guy beside you and casually inquire, “Is your name Jim?” Luckily this Jim — Jones, former frontman for Thee Hypnotics — remembers one of us from prior run-ins back in the early ’90s. A few minutes later we’re front and center watching Jones’ new power trio. Like the Blues Explosion channeling the Stooges, MC5 and the Sex Pistols, Black Moses struts, spews and testifies — as exhilarating a kicking out of the proverbial jams as we witness during the entire SXSW festival.
Fred Mills

- Detroit Metro Times


Jim Jones – Vox/Guitar
Graeme Flynn – Bass/Vox
David Axford – Drums

Black Moses have a rock’n’roll pedigree that is simply irresistible. Singer and guitarist Jim Jones formerly fronted Thee Hypnotics whose drug-fuelled psychedelia provided a scuzzy underbelly to late-80s rock; bassist Graeme Flynn previously saw action with rocket-powered garage punks Penthouse, while drummer David Axford has played with (Radio 1 Rock War winners) Original Sinners, The Morgans and Gang of Four.

Black Moses have seen people come and go and in 2002 they took a year out to work on a project with Alan McGee as Licence to Destroy. This spawned a single release “Turkey Neck” bw “I Don’t Mind” on Bukake Records.

The first album “Emperor Deb”, was recorded in a caravan in the North of England and released on Lunar Recordings in 2002. Black Moses released one single “Eye On You” bw “So Easy” on Oxford based Shifty Disco Records.

The band’s second album “Royal Stink” is available in the UK on Rootbag Records.

“…Jim Jones’s mob demand you worship at the twin altars of rock and soul. Are you ready to testify?
The MOJO Playlist, April 2005

“…”Can’t Breathe” is the aural equivalent of being punched in the face by the large, angry man at the bar who is convinced you stole his pint of Stella…Black Moses have on this record created a glam rock monster that kicks and screams like a baby with a temper. It has restored my faith in good, old fashioned rock’n’roll…
☻☻☻☻☻ 5/5
Matt Brown,, Feb 2005

“…Black Moses obviously believe in the same primal spirit of garage rock, but they also have a renewed respect for 60s and 70s soul…underpinning the blistering rock there is more than a hint of the attitude and soulfulness that was a common thread of Stax Records…if you worship at the altar of the garage punk sound, then this is about as good as it gets.”
 4/5
John Doran, Classic Rock Magazine, Jan 2005

. “…This is garage rock that captures all the rawness and filth of classic Stooges and MC5 and makes it sound as fresh and exciting as it would have done thirty years ago…If you like emo, acoustic guitars or whining twats singing about how they can’t get laid, this record will make you cry...There is no higher recommendation”
♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Charles Butler, Static Domain, Jan 2005

“…we’re front and centre watching Jones’ new power trio. Like the Blues Explosion channelling the Stooges, MC5 and the Sex Pistols, Black Moses struts, spews and testifies – as exhilarating a kicking out of the proverbial jams as we witness during the entire SXSW festival.
Fred Mills, Detroit Metro Times, April 2005

Contact :
+44 (0) 20 7607 1409/+ 44 (0) 7813 897283
- various quotes


"Eye On You" bw "So Easy" single on Shifty Disco Records (2000)
"Emperor Deb" album (2000) on Lunasound recordings
As side project Licence to Destroy "Turkey Neck" on Bukake Records (2002)
"Royal Stink" self release on Rootbag Records (2004)
"Can't Breathe (Turkey Neck)" featured on US Sampler on China Shop Records. Was playlisted on 136 college radio stations in the US.
Track also played 5 times on BBC Radio 2, Mark Radcliffe Show. Also talked about Black Moses from sxsw.
Feature on BBC 5 Live presenter Cathy Block live from Austin on Black Moses.
Interview and airplay on KLBJ in Austin during sxsw.
On BBC 6 Music Bruce Dickinsons Rock Show played "Can't Breathe" 6 times and Dream Ticket with Jane Gazzo played "Better Believe" 4 times.
Various rock internet stations play Black Moses.
Live web gig from the 10th Roadburn Festival in Holland on
"Slow Mama" from Emperor Deb playlisted on many Italian radio stations including Novaradio, RAIB, Planet of Sound. Also various French and German radio stations.
"Better Believe" featured on Dodge Charger website (1.4 million hits a month).
Samples can be heard on


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed from the ashes of Thee Hypnotics and Penthouse (aka 50 Tons of Black Terror). The band set out to play soulful black grooves at a stupidly loud volume. Influences range from Elvis Presley, Sly & The Family Stone, The Stooges, Queens of the Stone Age, Charles Bukowski and Bill Hicks. Black Moses are difficult to put in a category but are an amazing live act. It was described as soul music for people who don't like soul and rock music for people who don't like rock.