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Black Mustang

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | INDIE

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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Black Mustang @ Twin Towns Services Club

Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia

Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia

Black Mustang @ Norths Leagues Club

Kallangur, Queensland, Australia

Kallangur, Queensland, Australia

Black Mustang @ Redlands Multi Sports Centre

Birkdale, Queensland, Australia

Birkdale, Queensland, Australia

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This band has not uploaded any videos



“We came across your stuff on myspace and fuck we love it. The sound is seriously cool and your approach is great.”

– Simon Bell, Van Diemen Records (USA)

“Black Mustang are confident, muscular, uncluttered, and tight in a way most garage bands aren’t. I’m not saying they’re going to be The Beatles, but their tunes have the kind of rock n roll sound that most bands lack.”

– Karl Pilkington, The Westerner

“I love Black Mustang, You guys are clearly the bomb!!! love forever!!”

- Tiff, 4zzz FM

“These guys rule, I had the good fortune to assist on the recording of there latest EP (as yet unheard by the rest of the planet), its gonna rock hard. They remind me of the Eagles of Death Metal/the Strokes/Ramones, many of my all time fave bands, Black Mustang are killer songwriters, I rate them highly, keep them coming guys.. Get on at the ground floor, cause these guys are going straight on up.”

– Rob Jones
- BM

Live review

In humble Fortitude Valley venue The Zoo, a small crowd of The Black Arts and Black Mustang enthusiasts greeted the opening act of the night, The Warm Guns with polite support. These girls are cute, and peppy, and know how to play their instruments. But the night was still young, and the first couple of songs were not choice for kicking off the set list. New Song was their third song and definitely had a bit more edge, but overall whiny vocals and a very tame stage presence took away from the act. Those who already carried prejudices against so called “chick bands” (granted, their drummer is the very male Stu), would likely have such prejudices reaffirmed upon listening to the Warm Guns play live. However, their songs were bright, spunky and quite catchy, and with a little more confidence they could go a fair way.

The Black Arts drew more of a crowd away from the pool tables and towards the front of the stage, and really got the job done as far as revving them up. These guys really know how to orchestrate a stunning fusion of pop, old school rock, reggae and a bit of funk. Donning a hippie bandanna and sporting a cute beatnik goatee, lead singer Channel J took the audience on a journey with his endearing vocals, and really shone in crowd favourite, War on Hurricanes.
Money in the Bank was full of energy and another crowd favourite. The beats in almost all songs were most definitely danceable; just ask the forty-something year old midriff baring woman right in front of the stage shaking her booty like it was nobody’s business. The Black Arts simply know how to have infectious, silly fun onstage.

After much anticipation, the band who pretty much owned the night took the stage. Black Mustang, who were launching their EP tonight burst into their set with dirty old guitar licks and drum beats tighter than a street walker’s miniskirt.
The boys have mentioned in interviews that they all have creative input into the music created, and just listening to songs such as Little Box and Jimmy, one can hear the vast range of musical influences. And with all members sharing the vocals, no two songs sounded the same.
Black Mustang are an incredibly talented bunch who bring back the rock and roll sounds of the past into the twenty-first century without being lame. I will definitely be keeping an eye on them.
- Faster louder

The Zoo: 26.05.07

There’s nothing quite like an anticipated night of rock and, walking into the Zoo, it’s good to see a band who actually takes the launch of their EP seriously. With newly-pressed CDs making their way around the room, and not to mention the number of other items you can buy - this is clearly a Black Mustang event.

Even before Black Mustang hit the stage, they build the ambience like professionals creating a small frenzy amongst the dense group of punters that cram at the front. The drop of a BM banner, smoke and an overused strobe generates loud squeals from the crowd and introduces the four members of Black Mustang who swagger onto stage and instantly take care of business. Kicking off with ‘Rock And Roll Bird’, the quartet move through an outstanding and unrelenting set of rock originals that take the best bits from 70s glam and hard rock and drag them kicking and screaming into 2007.

This music clearly flows through their veins and the four exude the stage presence of pure stars. Obviously tracks from the brand-spanking new EP feature heavily with ‘Kick It’, ‘Jimmy’, ‘Waiting For The Girl’ and particularly the encore appearances of ‘The One’ and Motorhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’ themselves as highlights. With a set of this calibre, Black Mustang clearly align themselves with the best this country has to offer.

- Time Off Magazine

(Plus One Records / Shock)

Nothing but rock 'n' roll, oh and a little bit of garage…

This debut EP, from the Brisbane four piece, is pure garage rock 'n' roll. In the tradition of their 2005 recording, Cut Me Loose, this is not music to relax to. Teenage girls will feel compelled to jump on beds and sing into hairbrushes. Boys will knee-slide, play air guitar and contort their faces – is this a good thing I ask? Why the heck not? It's fun, guitar driven, high-energy music. The lyrics are as catchy as hell, Hey hey now Jimmy! The guitar solos are aplenty and beat is hypnotic. Yes, they are like Jet, but they have elements of the Rolling Stones (only heavier) and dare I say it? There's even a flash of The White Stripes (on speed). The list goes on, they are rock, it's been done before, but these guys have an obvious energy that no doubt translates well to stage.

Rave Magazine
- Rave Magazine


"Black Mustang" Self titled debut EP 2007
"Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" Album 2008
"Loaded Gun" Album 2011

Worlwide Sync deals-
*SOBE Beverages USA Ad campaign
*Just Jeans (Australian Campaign)
*Entourage (US)
*Californication (US)
*Greek (US)
*The Unit (US)
*Big Shots (US)
*Vampire Diaries (US)
*Pretty Little Liars (US)
*SuperNatural (US)
*Human Target (US)
*Necessary Roughness
*2010 Delhi Commonwealth games
Major computer games such as
Songs have also featured on Australian TV shows
*City Homicide
*Bondi Rescue
*Surf Patrol
*Guerilla Gardeners
*Thank God your here
Australian movie
*Crooked business
Miscellaneous releases
*Best of AFL DVD
*McKenna Bourbon Premium CD
*Brisbane Sounds Compilation



Having burst onto the Brisbane live scene in 2004, Black Mustang have played and toured relentlessly covering all corners of Australia while earning a reputation as Brisbane’s own garage rock stalwarts.

Developing their dynamic live show they released their debut self titled 6 track EP “Black Mustang” in 2007 and quickly followed up with their debut full length album “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” in 2008

With songs from both releases featured heavily in episodes of American TV such as Californication, Entourage, Greek, The Unit, Big Shots, Vampire Diaries, Pretty little Liars, as well as National campaigns for Just Jeans. Sobe beverages, McKenna Bourbon and EA Sports.

Leveraging from their vast array of retro-school influences including Radio Birdman, The Stooges, MC5, The Easybeats, Tumbleweed and SixftHick as well as garage rock revivalists Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Datsuns and The D4.

Black Mustang have opened shows for acclaimed Australian acts The Angels, Lime Spiders, The Stems, Six Ft Hick, Tame Impala, British India, 67 Special and The Celibate Rifles.

With a line up change early 2010, a rejuvenated Black Mustang having acquired a new guitarist commenced writing the follow up to “between the devil and the deep blue sea”, as well as joining The Angels again for a run of shows in North Queensland. More extensive touring is due to follow in 2011 with the release of their 2nd full length album “Loaded Gun”.

Recorded by Brisbane based engineer/producer Jeff Lovejoy (Powderfinger, Tex Perkins, 6ftHick, The Pictures, Evil Eddie, Resin Dogs) at Black Box studios and Wavelength Studios in Brisbane

“There’s an underlying momentum that eventually leads to brash explosions, and the force behind the inevitable crash is a worthwhile payoff. Both relentless and surprisingly urbane, the throttling charge of the chaotic guitars is held in check by spot-on backing vocals, steady-hurtling beats, and lyrics.”
CD Baby (US) – Editors Album Rock of the Month 5/5 stars

“Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” is a blistering affair that displays loud and proud all the things that are so damn good about Black Mustang; big walls of guitar, chaotically annihilating drums and gloriously infectious, air-fisting anthems”
Time Off Magazine 4/5 stars

“Every time a great album comes out of Brisbane it swells my heart with pride. Being a big advocator of the amazing talent we have sitting right here in our capital city, I can joyfully say Black Mustang have risen to the occasion. A true rock ’n’ roll vibe is entirely evident on ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’”
Tsunami Magazine 9/10 stars

Artist Details-
Contact Name:
Dan Charlton: 0417 613 454


Label Details-
Plus One Records/ Shock Records

Contact Name:
Simon Homer 0422 174 999


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Eva Roberts 0404 848 666