A blues band that knows how to rock n' roll with a little jazz, and a lot of funk. Featuring four passionate virtuoso musicians that are highly talented in their musical trades. A wide range of dynamics makes for an intense musical performance every time. BnB will storm a stage of any size.


Black~n~Blues has evolved into it's current form over the last 4 years, started by Farley and Cummings, and is now a powerful and polished blues fusion band. Rich Cummings is a power house behind the drum kit. He knows how set a steady grove and get in the pocket, but can also steal the show with intense melodic and technical drum solos. Matt Stopper, kin to Cummings, is one funky bass player. He can "walk" a bluesy marathon and slap a bass solo silly. Stopper and Cummings are a solid and creative rhythm section and the anchor of BnB. Doug McMinn brings much to the table as the bands multi-musician, splitting the guitar and vocals with Farley, and bringing the sweet sounds of the saxophone. Doug is one of the most versatile musicians in the greater Williamsport area and brings experience and depth to the band. Sean Farley is the front man for the group as a vocalist and lead guitarist. When you hear his guitar scream and cry, and his powerful growling voice you will see a young man beyond his years.


Original Singles include: Tables Turn, Workin' For Your Love, Blame Yourself, Black~n~Blues, Can't Keep Up, and more. The band has several live shows recorded and is currently finalizing their first studio album/CD. Some of their songs can be heard on the Good Time Charlie's blues brunch on FM 99.3, or Penn College Radio FM 88.1.

Set List

4, 1 Hr. Sets Total
Set list includes Originals- Tables Turn, Black~n~Blues, Workin' for Your Love, Can't Keep Up, E.Z.E., I Give Up, Blame Yourself...

Covers- Voodoo Chile, Sunshine of Your Love, Oh Pretty Woman, Red House, Texas Flood, Night and Day, T-Bone Shuffle, Cold Shot, Thrill is Gone (funk version), Have You Ever Loved A Woman, Little Wing, even Rapper's Delight (featuring Ryan Patterson a.k.a. "P-funk") and many more tunes.