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Blacknight is all about bringing the creativity, energy and imagination back to HIP-HOP. I dont sound like anybody youve ever heard. Great Music No Chaser.


Blacknight Bio

Born Gerald Frazier Jr. in the notorious Cabrini-Green Housing projects and raised in the streets of Chicago; Gerald better known as Blacknight has been a major force in the cities underground scene since 1998. Honing his skills in various cyphers, open mics and MC battles Blacknight linked up with the infamous BUC crew in 2001. Working under the tutelage of producers such as Deka Derse (WKKC 89.3), SC (Double Shots-Mobb Deep), Skip Lava, Raistlin, and Gutsplatta; Blacknight released his first solo album Americas Favorite Superhero August 2002 through Blacknight was the top rated hip-hop artist from Chicago amassing over 1300 units sold. From there Blacknight enteredinto alliance with two other local acts to form DAO
(Defy All Odds). DAO's single Verbal Connection has
received rave reviews climaxing with featuring the single as the song of the month. Garnering radio play from WKKC, WHPK, WNUR, WXAV and Power 92.3 in the Chicago land and northern Indiana area for the various singles: Chicago, Family, Get That Doe, and Verbal Connection; Blacknight has been a constant on the local hip- hop scene. Currently Blacknight is recording tracks in preparation for release of his second LP Respect History. Blacknight continues to strive to expand his fan base from regional to national.

Blacknight Bio

February 9th, 2004- Headliner for concert @ Wild Hare

March 23, 2004-Headliner for concert at Du Sable

March 25, 2004-Headliner for concert at East of the

April 2004- Host for weekly regional showcase at The
Cotton Club

July 2004 -Headliner for concert at Buddy's Sports
Bar & Grill

August 2004- Finalist for Wicker Park MC Battle
Finalist for Power 92.3 MGD MC Battle

April 25, 2005 -PGIR Showcase Royal Crown Nightclub -St. Louis, MO

June 11, 2005 - Buddys Sports Bar and Grill

June 28, 2005 - PGIR Showcase Finals Royal Crown
Nightclub St. Louis, MO

July 3, 2005-Meltdown II: The Next Level Bill's
Blues Bars, Chicago, IL

August 2005- Meltdown III Nite Cap Lounge
Chicago, IL

September 2005 -African Fest Washington Park
Chicago, IL

November 18, 2005 Headliner for concert at
Washington Park Field House Chicago, IL

November 29, 2005 Midwest Invasion Showcase at the
Cotton Club Chicago, IL

June 13th- June16th 2006 emerging artist stage puertorican festival Humbodlt Park Chicago, IL

June 17th 2006- Showcase @ Lindbloom Park Chicago, Il

July 2nd 2006-Headliner for Operation Meltdown 5 Bill's Blues Bar Evanston, IL

July 21 2006- Soul Expressions Nite Club Evanston, IL

Numerous spins daily on, Hip Hop Zone
WKKC 89.3, WHPK 88.5, WNUR 88.1, WCRX 88.1



Written By: Blacknight

Where everybody know ur name and they always glad u came (Chitown)

Thats where your people keep it real cause they all know the deal and ur fam can just chill

Verse 1:
Hit the lakeside rainbow beach southshore drive we stay fly and ride for our peeps This is the Chi we bend blocks rotate streets cop green from Cabrini but don't hink its sweet cause Chicago Ave is hot The cameras watch never stop getting money fiends jam the BOC Bell Oakley and Campbell u aint from the block then u dont post up unless u buying rocks my grind is life southside 79th ur mans aiight but he aint really messing with knight the demanding type so we aint really nothig alike ride from k-town to Wicker park on a stolen bike Hit Michigan Ave come home with ridiculous bags or Madison Ave right when ur pockets on smash got maoney to jag just got ur income tax to go blow on herion weed and crack

Where everybody know ur name and they always glad u came (Chitown)

Thats where your people keep it real cause they all know the deal and ur fam can just chill


America's Favorite Superhero EP August 2002.
Grown Man LP July 2004.

Cheers (Chicago's Anthem)-July 2006
Girl Whats ur Name-August 2006

Set List

My set's are between 15 and 30 minutes long usually consisting of 5 or 6 songs.

Girl What's Ur Name-2:47
Where The Party-2:35
Cheers (Chicago's Anthem)-3:00
Have In Common-3:00
Undaground Kings-2:30
Mic Check-2:45
Lonely Days-2:56