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Oak Park, Illinois, United States | SELF

Oak Park, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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2005-Grown Man
2006-The Black Experience
2011-International Runners vol. 5
2011-Return To Greatness



CHITOWN bred artist Blacknight is no stranger to the hip hop/rap game. Blacknight has been a major force on the Midwest underground scene since 1998. Bringing an innovative style of urban hip hop with a smooth flow, and inspiring lyrics over rhythmically charged beats all brought together by catchy hooks. In 2005, he released his highly acclaimed solo LP "GROWN MAN" which remained on many Chicago Area retailers "hot lists" for quite some time. The highly anticipated mixtape featured here "The Black Experience' came hot on the heels of "Grown Man" and is an important record in the Midwest music scene. This is an ambitious effort from an MC who is passionate about both his city and his music. Spinning real life tales over top notch production, the balance of street and lyricism in these songs is impeccable, crafted carefully so the listener doesn’t get bogged down trying to hard to figure out what the MC is talking about. Instead, we're invited along on a journey through the streets of Chicago AKA Haterville, where everybody seems to be doing everything to keep each other down. It's along these lines that this album makes it's greatest strides: instead of throwing his hands in the air and accepting the inevitable, there's a legitimate sense of optimism that fuels his search for answers. By staying true to the form and to his beliefs, we get a first hand view of an MC who comes off as truly genuine. Chicago-Award winner Blacknight, who has impressed audiences with his talents since his debut Grown Man, is fed-up with the sloppiness of Hip-Hop. Moving beyond the competition by just being himself, Blacknight and SG Return to Greatness is right on time to usher in a new era of Chicago dominance. While most rappers spend more and more time convincing the masses of their "hustle," Blacknight lets his work speak for his effort. With Blacknight's and SG's, Return To Greatness: A stack or starve collectors edition, the Chicago natives and premier songwriters has constructed a suite of songs that shows exactly what he means by class. Written over the course of travels on tour last year and influenced by his own fascination with the perfection, Blacknight explains, "I'm trying to bring good music back to the game," he says confidently. "And anybody that's bringing good music, the hype is gonna follow them. Like the best artists, Blacknight's music has an eternal sound that appeals to fans of all ages. "As a promoter as well as a rapper, I think it's important to cast my words world wide. In other words, I am not trying to contain myself in some little box marked 'urban.' I have traveled the world, and I want to bring that across in the material. Forget about urban, pop or whatever, Return To Greatness: A stack or starve extra is an album for everyone." "I don't know what puts certain ideas in my head when I'm writing," explains Blacknight. "Sometimes I see a picture in a magazine, a painting in a museum or a word on a page, and that's all I need to trigger the thoughts." "Anytime you become a successful person, people may look at you and say you changed," explains Blacknight,. For me, I might have changed where I live or my number, but I haven't changed as a person and never will. Blacknight has learned a lot from his time in the industry and is eager to capitalize on his experience. "I haven't peaked yet," he explains. "I was happy with the past records, but I have some adversity to learn off of for the future."