Black Nights Tonight

Black Nights Tonight


Well we are really young ranging 13-14 years old and we have been together for around a year and a half and are music is evolving as we have developed our own kind of music that is just us where not just some other band if you heard us before you will recognize any instrument we play the second time


Well we play pop-punk, emo, alternative rock, and a tiny bit of classic/country rock. The guitar are verry blues inspired kind of like Hendrix kind of stuff but with kind of a metal grunge twist which makes us well us! We have had 2 gigs the first didn't go so well (WE SUCKED) But the second we pulled off the cover of Brain Stew by green day and every one liked it. it was so succsesfull we decided to play for our next gig which hasn't come up yet. any way WE ARE GREAT FOR YOUR SHOW LET US EMBARESS OUR SELVES! We can play anywhere near Pennslyvania!


Well we just released a single yesterday! thats all we got so far it was a original song called I Messed Up (But I Really Don't Care) Reviews havn't been flooding in but It's pretty alright for our sucky recording.

Set List

Well we ussualy play stuff like Green Day, MCR, Ramones, and the Foo Fighters and stuff like that but we also play a lot of originals so I am gonna say we can play any where for about an hour or two