Black Oak

Black Oak


The music of Black Oak recalls the rock heyday of the nineties. They bring back hard-charging riffage combined with strong songwriting. At the same time, songs are equally influenced by classic singer-songwriters of the past. Not easily put into one corner, Black Oak brew a strong eclectic sound.


Black Oak was grown between Jersey and New York City, its roots stretch all the way to upstate New York and dig deep into the heart of rock and roll. Once assembled, Black Oak became an impressive force of nature and sound. It's music is expressive of its origins: dirt and rock, a little grass, some consumed liquids, and a serene atmosphere. Its sound is ever changing as it continues to take from its environment, and It's growth knows no bounds.

Influences include: Alice in Chains, Frank Zappa, Weezer, Phish, Helmet etc.


Ether Island EP (Demo) 2009

1. Acres of Sky
2. FYI
3. On The Shores
4. Shadows
5. Yes men

Set List

Typical set list is an average of 8-9 tracks which would span around an hour. Black Oak pulls a different set of songs from a well balanced repertoire depending on each gig and venue. Songs are longer and epic that most bands, which lead to an interesting- in your face live performance that will leave you wanting more.