Blackout Party

Blackout Party

 San Diego, California, USA

Featured performers at the 2013 San Diego Music Awards, Blackout Party are off to Nashville to record at Zac Brown's Southern Ground Studio, and continue to work with their friends at Dickies Clothing and Sector 9 Skateboards. The new record will be out this winter just in time for SXSW!


After being named "Best Americana" at the 2011 San Diego Music Awards, Blackout Party recorded "Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed" live in 5 days with grammy-winning producer Mike Butler at Lost Ark Studio. It received regular daily rotation on local radio, with fm94.9 naming it their "Recommended" for December, 2011. named the album one of their "Top 5 Releases" of the year. It was also selected as "Best Local Recording" at the 2012 San Diego Music Awards.

2013 has been an exciting year for Blackout Party as well. With an award-winning album under their belt, BOP made their first trek to SXSW. The band played a showcase put on by Sector 9 Skateboards at Wahoo's, and a number of other shows including an "Americana Acoustic Session" with Dickies Clothing and Filter Magazine at Lustre Pearl, and a slot at the famed Continental Club.

When BOP returned to San Diego, Filter Magazine flew out to San Diego to film a 3-part video series for Dickies called "Building the Band", which was released online.

Blackout Party will be a featured performer at the 2013 San Diego Music Awards, where they are also nominated as "Best Rock".

Following the SDMA performance, BOP will head to Nashville to make the new record at Zac Brown's Southern Ground Studio in late October. The band will record live to 2-inch tape on a vintage Neve console, and will have guest appearances from members of Zac's band.

Blackout Party continue to work with their friends at Dickies Clothing, Spy Optic, Sector 9 Skateboards, and plan on releasing the new record in early 2014.

Some nice things people have said...

" outstanding romp of a record... this new set of songs should help push them beyond their hometown and onto the larger scene. Dispel your preconceived notion of what "Americana" might be, and instead be ready for an album full of great tracks"

"A fun, rollicking rock'n'roll record full of enough good times to fill a long weekend. There's a sea shanty, some bar room rag, and rock-solid rock and roll throughout. It's an album that highlights the band's wide ranging talents and ability to write solid stand alone songs..."

"Fusing elements of rock, country, and folk, Blackout Party lets loose at it's live shows like no one is watching (although trust me, that's not the case)... Guaranteed every hanging light fixture in the place will be swinging as the guitarists make themselves comfortable atop the bar for a monumental exit that will be difficult to forget."

"The hard-charging guitars of "Spanish Gold" conjure early Queens of the Stone Age, the post-breakup honky-tonk of "Jenny Sue" has a Nasville barroom vibe, and "Casket Robbers" is as silly as it is spectacular, climaxing with an unexpected trumpet solo... and the gargantuan blues-rock riffs of "Stronger Angel, Fiercer Devil" make this album worthwhile." -Peter Holslin, San Diego City Beat


2012- "Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed"

2010- "Bottom of the Sea"