Blackout The Rebel

Blackout The Rebel

 New York City, New York, USA
SoloHip Hop

Blackout The Rebel is an emcee familiar with going against the system. Touching on multiple genres and many different topics the everyday person can relate to, Blackout The Rebel will remain rebelious & guide his followers to his victory in this industry.


Residing from Southside Jamaica Queens, a rebelious emcee by the name of Blackout The Rebel has a full blown attack ready to launch into the big bad music industry world. Formerly known as Larry Williams, Blackout now has the tools ready to accomplish a well known mission to many in the game: TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

It started at the age of 9 when Blackout took part in a program called "Enact" which provided acting lessons, and other activities for students. The final project of the class was for the students to perform something of their liking. It was then that Larry and a group of his friends decided to put together a rap performance. Days on end he reheared his verse until the big day. The performance was a success and he walked off the stage with an epiphany, creating the birth of Blackout The Rebel, in that moment he knew he would never stop chasing his dream.

Now, at the age of 23 you will find the rebel working hard and constantly paving the road to his own success by any means necessary. He's been featured on performances and mixtapes such as Microphone Bully, Coast 2 Coast, Jonney Miles and was even featured by the people who made He has also teamed up with upcoming production team, Straight From The Lab Productions, in which they provide a lot of production & mixing for the rebel.

Blackout has performed in a few known venues such as; Bowery Poetry Club, Walker Sound Stage, Bungalo and more. Footage of his performances are all over YouTube & FaceBook. Also, the rebel himself runs a well maintained website, BLACKOUTTHEREBEL.COM, and has a mixtape on the way as well as an album already in the works.

Stay tuned to this emcee, because Blackout The Rebel is fully equipped and ready to take on what he feels is rightfully his, while providing great music for all.