Black Page

Black Page


Life is short, rock it hard!


Black Page’s ambitious nature and love of music is what fuels the band’s engine. In a single year of existence, they wrote, recorded and self-produced their debut album while playing and promoting the band’s name. With the release of “Breaking the Chains” coming this fall 2006, the band will deliver an “in your face”, no holds barred, pure hard rock testimony.
When Yub (Lead Guitar), Chuck (Bass) and Mike (Drums) met Jason (Vocals), they thought he would be the perfect addition to their already formed band. With him came the ladies and, most importantly, a great voice. They started out as a cover band, playing bars here and there, and quickly became close friends. One day, Jay found it in himself to bring an original riff to the table. The guys loved it and that is how “My Way” came to be their first song. After playing it a few times on stage and seeing the crowds' reactions, they recorded it. They began receiving great critics and even getting some airplay, and this, after having written only one song. Although these events were taking place, they all knew that in order to become what they truly wanted to be, something was still missing. The missing link was discovered the day they met Fred (Rhythm Guitar). With his drive, his talent and winning personality, the guys knew they immediately had to bring him in. On that day, Black Page was born.
Since then, they have been awarded Best Singer and Best Guitar Player at the Emergenza Festival, and they also won the Rock Open 2006 grand finale which was broadcasted live on Musiqueplus. After playing over 50 shows and building a huge fan base, Black Page’s ambition is to become a band people can relate to and get them to expect the unexpected.
Life is short, rock it hard! Need we say more?


"Breaking The Chains" (2006)

First single: "Great Balls Of Fire"

Set List

Album setlist:

1. Great Balls Of Fire
2. Rock Is A Drug
3. Show Me What You Got
4. You
5. My Way
6. The Black Page Of Ages
7. It Ain't Love
8. Wake Up
9. Prelude
10. Last Obsession
11. Hook Me
12. Black Leather
13. The Devil's By Your Side