Black Patterns

Black Patterns


Black Patterns is inspired by the psychedelic bands of the late 60's, yet the band incorporates a new and lively Rock style to their dynamic songwriting.


• The two songwriter/musicians Nani Rueben and Koba Mitsutoshi crossed paths mid 2006 in Southern California and formed Black Patterns. The band released an EP 'Satire On Satan?' January 2007, and within less than a year of forming the duo gained international acknowledgment after appearing on a compilation ('Zero' from the EP) by an up-and-coming record label (UK label Stolen Recordings --Voted "2007 DIY Label-Of-The-year"). The compilation was voted "Compilation of 2007" by Additionally, Black Patterns has supported some internationally known acts such as Ed Harcourt and Film School.

• In 2007, while continuously playing live shows the band started working on material for a full length (14 tracks +) release. Two of the unreleased (Realigned Convictions/ Daydreaming Lantern) songs can be heard @

• 2008 has the band lined up with their most noteworthy shows. In July the band will be supporting for 'Ed Harcourt' & 'Film School'. Recent past shows for 08: Las Vegas Beauty Bar & San Diego State Univ. Aztec Center. Additionally, the band plans on completing the full length by the years end.

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Written By: Black Patterns From Saturn

I can't see no shadow
I turn away
Nothing to protect to me
My dream goes on
A bugs inside me chirping
Pain’s near
I look at the ceiling and all I think about is

Zero, zero, Zero

I can't see no shadows
I run away (((Arouunnnd The Wayyy)))
I got no basics
My hands stop
Maybe I was born to be
Maybe I was born to sing

Zero, zero, Zero

I believe in karma!
Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh


• EP - 'Satire On Satan?' Self Released 1/07.
The EP contains the song 'Zero' which was featured on a compilation released in 2007 by UK's Stolen Recordings.
• Compilation #2 - Various Artists (Featuring 'Zero') 2007
• Compilation 'The People In Your Neighborhood' 2008. Contains the track 'Sound Of Thunder' from the EP 'Satire On Satan'. The Compilation features 72 bands, particularly up-and-coming Los Angeles bands with the likes of 'Health' and 'The Stevenson Ranch Davidians'.

Set List

Sets average 35-50 minutes per show. 1 set per show.
Current set list songs:
• Realigned Convictions
• Sex Change
• Lady
• Sound Of Thunder
• Daydreaming Lantern
• Zero
• High
• Roulette