Finally its ready and available. BlackPaul LP on itunes and other digital download sites.
What do you get when you cross Chuck Billy of Testament and James Hetfield of Metallica, Summon the ghost of Jim Morrison and pay homage to Evil Elvis himself .... Danzig...... You get the Vocal sounds of the Netherworld rising to Earth.....BlackPaul and his generals.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------ALBUM AVAILABLE ANYDAY ON I-TUNES, RHAPSODY, NAPSTER, E-MUSIC and many others. Just search Artist; BlackPaul, Album; King of the Night-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jimi Bell - Lead Guitarist
Played with Dio, Rob Rock, Hammerfall, Diamondback.
Runner up for guitarist slot with Ozzy Osbourne.
He holds an endorsement agreement with Kramer Guitars and has received multiple MVP awards in Guitar Player Magazine.
Showcased with Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) in London, UK

Dave Spidel - Bass
Played with Bochepus King, played with American Idol Bo Bice.
Recorded with Chad Kroger and Kid Rock on the song
Saturday Night.

Jay Hagan - Drums
Played with Edges of Seven and toured
with Frontline Assembly and Noise Therapy.

Doug Naugler - Rhythm Guitar & Co-writer
Doug is a classically trained musician and noted local sound engineer and producer in Vancouver. He currently fronts Hybrahma.

Keston Barker - Guitar Virtuoso
By the age of two, Keston seemed mesmerized by the guitar, and
spent hours rhythmically strumming the instrument. He continued
his own experimentation until he began to craft a style and an amazing
technical ability never before witnessed in a 14-year-old. Keston is
comfortable shredding neo-classical licks alongside Yngvie Malmsteen,
wailing blues riffs a la Jimi Hendrix, or smooth Santana-style phrasing
with deep expressive vibrato. 14 year old guitar virtuoso is also jamming
with us now. He will not be featured on the recorded tracks though
possibly on a cover if we add one to the album.