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Blackrain is a band of 4 guys born in the golden years of heavy metal. The story begins during a Kiss show. Swan meets Max 2 there. They have nothing to do with their lives now the high school is over. Why not forming a metal band? The rehearsals begin. They start by playing cover of their idols: Mtley Cre, W.A.S.P, Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth. They play in many bikers pubs, with various bassists and drummers. Nothing very stable actually. So unstable that a drummer leaves the band two days before an important show organized by the wildest bikers of the country. Anyhow, they decide not to cancel the show but to find THE drummer, the right man for the job. Kenny big balls Snake is this guy. He learns the songs in two days and decides to go on with the band. A bassist is now missing. The band meets Heinrich during a show for Halloween. They like its sexy nazi disguise. He plays the guitar, a little bit. He will play the bass in Blackrain and will keep its disguise. Always need a mad man in a band. With this strong line-up, the band can start to write its own songs. A 5 titles demo is recorded in 2004. It is called Twilight, Rain and Darkness and the 500 CDs are quickly sold out. Critics in European webzines well receive the songs. But the band is not satisfied with its production and asks zines to delete as much as possible every trace of this demo. Blackrain writes new songs and go on with the shows. Time goes by; things go round in circles. Which future for the band? A mans got the answer. Blackrain usually meet girls after a show but, one night, a strange guy with a hat and a cigar wants to see the band. Hes got a project for Blackrain. His name, Johnny Rockett. His studio, the Rockett Queen Complex. 9 songs are recorded there: 2 ballads, 3 pure heavy rock songs, 3 speed songs and a very heavy last one. We are Blackrain, we play it loud and now WE are gonna kick your fuckin ass.