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Black Reign

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2000-BLACK REIGN self titled EP
2003-100% REAL HIP-HOP LP



Black-/blæk/ [blak] adjective, -er, -est, noun, verb, adverb
showing a profit; not showing any losses. operating at a profit
or being out of debt. absorbing all light incident upon it.

reign- /reɪn/ [reyn]–noun
the period during which a sovereign occupies the throne.
dominating power or influence: the reign of law.
Dominance or widespread influence: the reign of reason.

Black Reign is an idea whose time has come... Black Reign is the revival of empowering,
invigorating, feel good hip-hop music. Black Reign is a Chicago based group of producers
and artists who’ve come together for the purpose of preserving the soul and integrity of
the genre through honest and intensely expressive compositions.They’ve also been diligently
pursuing this purpose for the past 10 plus years. At a time when it seems just about everyone
is an “accomplished” artist over night, Black Reign is a group whom have grown their sound
the way a vintner develops his wine-through expertise gained over time. It is this time,
which is the story of the group. It is this time, which sets them apart from any other artists
in the industry today. While others spend time chasing gigs and machinations that look good
on paper, Black Reign has taken the time to masterfully craft a sound that impacts the soul.

The group consists of three members, I-Khan (Emcee, Producer),Credo (Emcee, Producer)
, and Kontre Kool (Emcee). Influences chiefly being the ultimate expression of life itself being
past and present experiences. Their sound has been compared to Public Enemy, Little Brother,
and Outkast just to name a few. Their collection of self produced releases include BLACK REIGN
self titled EP (2000), MY WORLD EP (2002), REAL HIP-HOP LP (2003), and Hold’n Rank EP (2006).
Each release being both self promoted and marketed have left an undeniable impression on their
audience and are but, glares at a coming masterpiece The Burden Of Proof LP to be released in
mid 2007. Along with performing at various venues in the Chicago area and logging countless
hours in the studio, Black Reign has been touring musical festivals such as Scribble Jam moving
CD’s hand to hand and getting feedback from actual hip-hop fans who have been very receptive
to the growing momentum of the movement known as BLACK REIGN.

NOD2 Productions
28 E. Jackson
Bldg. #10-N389
Chicago, IL 60604