Black River Wine

Black River Wine

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Completely Limitless Rock


Hailing from the land of steel and southern charm, Black River Wine embodies the spirit of Birmingham, Alabama. With soul, style, and a presence all their own, they always seem to hit the right chord and shake you to your core. Though a just a three piece, the sum of their sound far and away exceeds the parts. At the forefront is Patrick Nichols, with his silverburst Les Paul and a mic stand in front of him, not many can match up. His riffs echo bluesmen such as Robert Johnson and Lightening Hopkins, with a nod to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Chris Robertson and Ben Wells of Black Stone Cherry. He can sear you with a fiery burst or touch you with smooth bends that sound you’d swear couldn’t be done. And that’s just half of it. His vocals are warm and soulful, oozing with passion well beyond his years. Holding everything together is Joe Massie on bass. With his roots in funk and old school punk rock, he brings a fresh perspective that, instead of offsetting, adds a layer to Black River Wine that makes them all the more impressive. Bringing the energy for the band to feed on is Matthew Tortorice on drums. With the raw aggression of greats such as Keith Moon and John Bohnam, and the technical prowess of Shannon Larkin of Godsmack and John Fred Young of Black Stone Cherry, Tortorice is the muscle behind Black River Wine. Their EP Walking In features the high powered hit “Southern Queen”, the anthemic “Seeds”, and the poignant ballad “Heartache Like You”, showing their skills and diversity. Visit for performance dates, music videos, and photos.


"Walking In"- Demo
"Southern Queen"- Music Video

Set List

. The Ocean – Led Zeppelin
2. Houses of the Holy – Led Zeppelin
3. Over the Hills and Far Away – Led Zeppelin
4. Hey, Hey What can I Do – Led Zeppelin
5. Nobody’s Fault but Mine – Led Zeppelin
6. Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin
7. Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin
8. Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin
9. Thank You – Led Zeppelin
10. Bring it on Home – Led Zeppelin
11. Good Times, Bad Times – Led Zeppelin
12. Rain Wizard – Black Stone Cherry
13. Backwoods Gold – Black Stone Cherry
14. Maybe Someday – Black Stone Cherry
15. Violator Girl – Black Stone Cherry
16. Shooting Star – Black Stone Cherry
17. Big City Lights – Black Stone Cherry
18. Please Come In – Black Stone Cherry
19. Ghost of Floyd Collins – Black Stone Cherry
20. Foxy Lady – Jimi Hendrix
21. Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
22. Voodoo Child – Stevie Ray Vaughn
23. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
24. Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
25. Rockin’ in the Free World – Neil Young
26. Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson
27. Shi