Black Roof Country

Black Roof Country


What kind of music do we play? Rock and Blues. That's the answer, nothing more to it. If you ask what kind of covers we play, the answer becomes Rock, Classic Rock, some 90's Alternative, and Blues. We love to rock, and we make sure it gets done right.


We formed as a bunch like-minded rock 'n' roll enthusiasts. After changing drummers and the passage of time, we are now a solid quintet. We all enjoy providing a great evening of music for a broad and diverse crowd.

Our influences as a whole are very broad, but primarily include lots of rock (from pretty much any era), blues, 90's alternative, and anyone worthy of the title "Guitar Hero."

We made a name for ourselves by playing gigs in bars around West Lafayette, Indiana, with a few trips to play bars in Indianapolis. We developed a few regular gigs and an enthusiastic following. We saved up some gig money, found a quality recording studio, and created an album that we are truely proud of.


Tears in the Dark

Written By: Jeremy Corpening

When you came to me that cold dark night
I saw nothing but the pain in your eyes
What’s wrong baby? What had I done?
I thought you loved me, thought that I was the one

We’d had our up and we’d had our downs
Our share of smiles and our share of frowns
How had I missed it, your pain inside
Until that night your broke down and cried

When you were cryin’, tears in the dark
Your life was just, tearing apart
You could let, anyone know
Because you were perfect, they all said so

Couldn’t tell your parents, couldn’t tell friends
They’d never seen you break, not even bend
Your mother taught you to cover pain up
Make the outside perfect, but that wasn’t enough

So you come to me needing my love
A hand to pull you back up above
I’d be with you every step of the way
Whatever you needed me to do or say

Something weighed heavy, on your heart
Something I had never, imagined
Something that, had your cryin’
Cryin’, tears in the dark


Written By: Jeremy Corpening

Rollin’, yeah rollin’s all I saw last night
Yeah rollin’, yeah rollin’s all I saw last night
Yeah you rollin’ away from me
What a painful sight

Oh rollin’, rollin’ has hurt me before
Yeah rollin’ baby, rollin’s hurt me before
But I’ll tell you something darlin’
You ain’t gonna hurt me no more
Listen here!

I’m rollin’, and that girl is rollin’ me down, down, down, down
Yeah I’m rollin’, yeah that girl is rollin’ me down
Well she took all my money and left me
With nothin’ but a bottle and a frown

Well you told me darlin’, just walk out that door
Yeah you told me baby, just turn around and walk out that door
Well listen girl, this is my place
I don’t wanna see you round here no more
No more!

This time, this time my wheels are gonna roll, roll, roll, roll
Yeah this time, this time my wheels are gonna roll
I’m rollin’ to your twin sister
That’s where I’m gonna go
Here I go now!


Written By: Black Roof Country

When the sun-shine shone on us
We were
Blinded and had no recourse
How could
You have known high on your throne
Since the
Time had come for vacation

Time to wake up from this dream
Since your
Reality’s not what it seems
Now there’s
Cause to wield appointed force
While my
Fear is strong you’ll do no wrong
(I’ve no remorse)

Troubles come and questions rise
Now it’s
Time for a clever disguise
What’s the
Best way to conceal your faults
Move the (Shift the)
Blame onto the filthy hearts

Winds of change didn’t come in time
Wind that came left peril behind
So you
Fly on by high up in the sky
While you
Count your greens as people die

There’s no way, no way…out!


-People Like Us

Set List

We typically play between 40 and 45 songs, and split them into 2 or 3 sets, which makes for about a 2 and a half to 3 hour show. We play all of our originals, and fill the rest of the set with covers. We don't consider ourselves a cover band but should we need to fill more than an hour and a half set we have a wide range of covers to choose from.

-Take Me
-That's Just Time
-Red Chair
-Starry Night
-Blue Jean
-Tears in the Dark
-Best Part of Me
-People Like Us

-White Room, Cream
-Sunshine of Your Love, Cream
-Hard to Handle, Black Crowes
-Alive, Pearl Jam
-Yellow Ledbetter, Pearl Jam
-Fortunate Son, CCR
-Sweet Child o' Mine, Guns 'n' Roses
-I Believe in a Thing Called Love, The Darkness
-Mary Jane's Last Dance, Tom Petty
-The Joker, Steve Miller Band
-Say it Ain't So, Weezer
-Red House, Jimi Hendrix (among others)
-Hey Ya, Outkast
-You Give Love a Bad Name, Bon Jovi
-Don't Stop Believin', Journey