Black Ruby

Black Ruby

 Angaston, South Australia, AUS
BandPopA Capella

Black Ruby is a rare a cappella band with the power of instruments. Finalist for 2009 Best Adelaide Fringe Music Award, this five-piece has shot to prominence in SA’s music scene. Rich three-part harmonies, sizzling rhythm and melodies will linger long after the energy of the music has faded.


Black Ruby is an a capella band...brave enough to embrace instruments. This stood us in good stead for an early gig, way back, when the power went....we just walked into the audience and kept singing there. Now we have the added power of guitars, sax, drums and wham bam it just gets more full rich and wonderful. It might be the attack of our live gigs which keeps our energy and exhilaration....Black Ruby just keeps powering out the harmonies. We keep going back to the accapella from our early years as it weaves it’s way through our rhythms. And then it really starts as we send out the emotion and the joy.

Our pure a capella was and is a most unusual beast in Australia. The harmonies have never left and now local gigs sell out with our own sparkling music. Prepare to be dazzled as our new project is born from our well established South Australian act Little Black Dress. Shortlisted for this years Best Adelaide Fringe Music Award, our band has shot to prominence in the SA music scene.

Featuring rich harmonies, which stand as testament to their vocal past, Black Ruby’s sparkling lyrics aim to inspire, uplift and engage our audience.

We call it a vox rock, pop/rock sound as we buff up to be a jewel in the crown of the South Australian music scene.

Retaining an earthy, indie quality Black Ruby has been cut and polished to reveal a collection of heartfelt lyrical works, of which a sample can be found on their self titled EP.

We have recently played at a number of benefits for the victims of last years Victorian bush fires.

Annie Auld (Vocals, Guitar), Kay Burgmeister ( Vocals), Mel Crawford (Vocals, Woodwind) Chris Yeend (Percussion) and Tony Craddock (Vocals, Bass Guitar) have always had a keen sense of community which is reflected in their music.

Black Ruby’s original works are as radiant, rich and mysterious as their name suggests. A sparkling jewel of unequaled beauty, we aim to become a little timeless



Written By: A.Auld/M.Crawford/K.Burgemeister/T.Craddock/C.Yeend


Fate makes a liar out of people like Larry
Filling in the gaps from the child he was, with the stack of bottles
against his back fence.
There’s a dull uneven ache,
deep in his chest:
a new tattoo of Bon Scott across his breast.

Sad Larry, Happy Larry
No-one could ever be
sad Larry happy larry
No-one could ever, no-one could ever be
Happy like Larry
Happy like Larry

It’s a land of bread beer and spent money
For Larry and the lads weeks race into ends
each one the best he’s ever had.

The old man
sits shivering
in the vicious sun
Larry rolls past looks straight ahead, knows no-one could ever be



Written By: Auld/Burgemeister/Craddock/Crawford/Yeend

HEROES........copyright Black Ruby

I close my mouth
And open my eyes
Lying on my back
No more yelling at the skies

My feet are in the gutter
I want to count cars
No matter who passes
I’m looking at the stars

So what you’ll tell me
When you’re god knows where
Can you see how it feels
Now they’re slowing down to stare

You’re the accident, now that you’ve happened
Bloodied and conspicuous
You can cope with the sirens flashing
There’s not going to be any hero

There’s no crash team coming for you
No-one punching triple zero
We all fan the flames
There’s not, so stop asking, going to be any hero

You’re the accident, now that you’ve happened
Bloodied and conspicuous
You can cope with the sirens flashing
There’s not going to be any hero


Black Ruby 4 track EP

Set List

We play 40 minute sets and have 2 hours of continuous original material.
We have an equal number of covers.
Love Pursuit
Yeah Yeah
Paul Kelly Song
How Would You Feel
No More Sleep
Truth To Tell
Hanging On A Dream