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Sage developed his style (Couture Rap) on the corner battling other aspiring MC’s and kicking ciphers with the rest of his boys known as DNA Fams. Black Sage’s profound raspy voice accompanied with an energetic allegro type flow, delivers a conceptual and creative depiction of today’s society


“It went from Baby face to vicious/ From vicious to Juice/ From Juice to J’Blacks to only be known as Nubzs/ until I stumbled upon the truth making this world see through/ sending me on quest to find who am I and introduce,” The one and only ‘Black Sage……….(from trauma 4 the street mix tape)

Black Sage given name Joseph Brendon Alleyne was born in Etobicoe General Hospital. From the day he was conceived Sage has been dealing with the pressures of this world we live in and the reality of life and death. Over coming some life threatening birth complications Sage came to find that what he had been experiencing was only preparing him for a drawn out battle with cancer at the early age of four and a half. Through the grace of the Most High Sage was later cured of cancer to continue his odyssey and leave his legacy.

When Sage was between the ages of seven and eight his parents discovered how enthused he was about music and dancing so they signed him and his older brother up for break dancing and keyboarding classes over the summer installing the fundamental elements of Hip Hop in him probably not even realizing how much of an impact it would come to have on his musical career. Sage has always been in a musical environment, introduced by his parents to artists such as the legendary Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson and Stevie wonder. His older siblings provided the Hip-Hop influence, from artist such as Big Daddy Kane, D Nice, Krs One, New Edition, Bobby Brown, MC Lyte and Queen Latifa.

When you listen to Sage’s tracks you don’t only hear it you feel it. Sage’s soft but raspy voice accompanied with an energetic allegro type of flow, delivers a conceptual and creative depictions of today’s society and his day to day life style. Negative or positive he says it’s just the realities of life today.

Sage has seen it all from family disputes to street wars, from small businesses to small street hustles, from child play to gun play, from good times to bad. Only to destroy and rebuild the artist we know today as Black Sage with a new understanding of life gained from his experiences. In year of 2000 Sage decided that he wanted to be that "renaissance" Mc that is not only on top of his game as an artist but as a business man as well, so later that year he enrolled himself into Trebas Institute to study audio engineering and music business attempting to master his craft. In doing so, Sage now refers to himself as the "Jack of all trades and master of one."(Music)

Sage developed his style on the corner battling other aspiring Mc’s and kicking ciphers with the rest of his boyz now known as DNA fams. From block to block, east to west, north to south Sage has walked the terrain in attempt to leave his name Black Sage." I remember back in the days when everybody thought they could rap so me and my boyz would make it a point to battle anybody that claimed that they were Mc's just to set president, it's the real Verses the fake, MC's verses the RAPPERS. Free styling and battling taught me the fundamental elements of Mcing, from breathing on beats to word play and flow right down to assessing the listener" , However developing personal beliefs, knowledge and understanding of these streets and this world we live in both physical and spiritually was a totally different process altogether. "When ever I sit down to write a song I’m not thinking about writing a radio hit or a platinum track, all that I'm thinking about is relaying my personal experiences, concerns and thoughts to potential listeners in the best way I can through my words and expressions.

As an artist and a member of “Society” Sage feels That it is one of his obligations to live through his music not to floss, brag or complain, but to give individuals the opportunity to learn not only from his mistakes but his accomplishments, not just the good times but the bad times as well. "Love me or hate me I’m just being me and doing what I believe that I was called to do".
Black Sage is not only a phenomenal performer and lyricist, but also a very creative and business minded individual. Sage went from cutting hair within his family salon in '96, to later running his own company called Higher Heights Promotions in '99. At this point and time Sage realized that he wasn't the average Mc and began to take it very seriously. He put together the promotion company attempting to gather a better understanding of the consumer’s mentality and to see first hand what effective promotion is and how to implement it. Higher Heights is a marketing and promotion company that is focused on exposing and establishing the Canadian entertainment industry. In 2005 Sage felt that he was ready to take the next step which was to officially start up his own record label called Forensic Science Records. Forensic Science Records is home the three artists hailing out of the east side of Toronto forming a group called DNA (die nasty amity). Currently Black Sage is the


Da Odessey: Vol 1
The Official Leak

"Hot Spot" "Shine" & "You Don't Know Me"off The Official Leak is getting radio play across Canada (flow 93.5fm,88.1fm,105.5fm,99.1fm...) and also being played on MuchMusic, Much VIbe & Rap City.

My new single "Microwave" is making it's debut on radio statiions that are already playing my "Hot Spot" "Nightmares" & "Feel It In The Air" single as well as internet radio such as

Set List

A typical set list runs anywhere from 30 - 45 mins it depends on what the fans want and or promoters/Dj's