Black Sand

Black Sand

 San Jose, California, USA

We sound like the 70's met the 80's in the 90's and formed a band! Our music comes from listening to the classics, from AC/DC to CSNY. Every song is an ode to the past and a nod to the future. Please listen and enjoy.


Black Sand is an original rock band composed of four equally rockin' dudes. We write and record our own take on the world through thoughtful lyrics and a solid beat. Our fans say that they have gone on a musical journey after experiencing a Black Sand performance.

Our journey has taken us to 2nd place in a Bay Area battle of the bands (we lost by one vote out of 14,000), to a night club where over 100 of our fans showed their support, and on to winning another Bay Area Battle of the Bands. Our demo CD is in it's third pressing. These are only a smattering of our accomplishments to date.

We are flexible, available, and reliable. Please listen, enjoy, and have a rockin' day.


We have recorded six original songs which can be heard at or you can watch some videos of our performances at and are in the process of recording the rest of our current ten original song catalog.

Set List

Our typical set list includes:

The Mirror
Jester's Smile
To Remain Nameless
Ice on Fire
(formal introduction set to music in addition to the off hand introductions that appear through out the set)
Sewer Rats

This set runs about 35-40 minutes. A set with all of our song would run about one hour.

Any covers appear toward the middle of the set and can include songs from Led Zeppelin & AC/DC and any other rock act that we feel would be suited to the audience of that particular show.