Black Sea

Black Sea


Black Sea, commonly classified as "Fuzzy Dream-Pop", is a three-piece band from Huntington Beach, California. Recently described as, "a combination of shimmery guitars, muted vocals, and melancholy tones layered over a snappy beat," Black Sea is something to keep you warm on a hazy summer day.


Black Sea is the recording project of Cole Devine from Huntington Beach California. His current release is a cassette tape entitled "Keep Smiling" on Trabajo records.
Black Sea's music takes 60's pop through a dreamy fuzz, sure to leave you in a comfortable daze. The deep, reverb heavy vocals, fuzzy, shimmering guitar and bass, complete with two-piece drums show us that Southern California may not be as sunny as we presume.


"Keep Smiling" released in August 2012 by Trabajo records in cassette and Mp3 format.