From an EXPLOSION of different influences comes a hard-hitting rock sound, the likes of which have never been heard before! Black Sheep is sure to wow crowds with charisma and energy bursting from every pore! A true variety act adaptable to any lineup, this band will get your crowd fired up!


BlackSheep formed several years ago as a regional cover-group, though after several member changes, the addition of current frontman Ryan Fuller, and an original set, BlackSheep has been hitting the road whenever possible to promote and play their music for people all over the midwest. Finally having locked in consistent members, and adjusting to the college life, these boys are more then ready to deliver a high-energy punch that's guaranteed to light up the stage.


Undying Denial

Written By: BlackSheep

Undead Denial

Verse 1:
Board up all the windows and seal up all the cracks
We’ll pretend that nobody’s home~
Bathe yourself in ashes to cover up the scent
They can smell the meat on your bones~
The world was ended when she died, back when it all was simplified
Count down with me from three fifty five. (oh darlin’)
The curse it is intelligent
The answer is irrelevant
Now welcome to the rest of your lives~

Verse 2:
They’re wandering the avenue, the ally and the street,
Its everybody’s dawn of the damned.
They told you-you were special, they told you to be good
So you’re fearful of the back of the hand.
They say the virus spreads to you through ignorance and blood,
Lock and load, get ready to die! (oh baby)
Atrocity it has a way
to shake your spirit everyday
and drain you of emotional drive

the sun of man is setting: I’ll tell you why you will not survive.

Look around you, what do you say?
Tell me, that its too good to be true~
While you hide from what you’re seeing,
We will drink to nonbelieving,
When they find me in my dreaming
Tell me will you love me when I’m gone?

Verse 3:
If they come a-knockin’ and breaking down this place,
And grabbin by the skin of my teeth,
Don’t look back at saving me I promise it’s too late,
I’ve rotted from within, underneath.
To share the secret sentiment-apocalyptic regiment
Lookatme Im on the edge of oblivion, -now
Grab yourself an armament
to do the damage permanent
Or you will be as cold as your gun,

Never stop your firing: I’ll tell you when I want you to run (run, fucker, run!)



While seeking to roll together money for the first BlackSheep EP, no discs have been published to date. Though this band sits high on the horizon, awaiting the time to strike on a rock-thirsty world.

Set List

Typical set lists begin with a bang of energy, perhaps lasting a couple songs, before withdrawing to more rhythmically oriented pieces before building to a final, ultimate crescendo.
Brief descriptions of original work include:
"Death Reception": A melodic, running song filled with energy and punchy choruses.
"Save Me":An increasingly popular song with rolling drum-lines and climbing guitar parts, decked out with vocal desperation.
"When It Rains":A powerful, emotional piece that wraps the crowd in an intimate blanket.
"Undying Denial": A powerful wordplay with soaring guitar and bass parts, contrasted heavily by a reggae breakdown.
"Bang-Bang"-The aforementioned crescendo, the final expenditure of pure rock originality that tops most Black Sheep sets, complete with breakdowns, tempo changes and surprises.

Other originals include:
"Here We Go Again"
"Lowest Level of Hell"
"Set Me Free"
"Her Song"
"Rock Ninja Epic"

Black Sheep loves playing music in general, and has a