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Black Skies

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States | SELF
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"Black Skies"

In a town popularized by pop and indie rock, can there be doom? An emerging band would like to answer that. The remaining members of The Man have reemerged as a pared-down power trio- Black Skies. After gaining popularity in Chapel Hill, these three reemerged in the Spring of 2005 with a new unexpected sound. Gone is the dude rock sound of their former moniker, replaced with a more complex dark energy. Their new sound reflects their mission to not save, reinvent, or revise rock and roll, but just to play the shit out of it.

- Zig Zag Live

"Black Skies Will Blanket Charlotte"

One of the greatest things about a live show is, going to see the headliner and finding out that the opener kicks some serious ass. My latest experience with this was last month at the Milestone. I was really looking forward to the Atomic Bitchwax show and came with a group of friends to show them what all of the fuss was about. To get to the point, Chapel Hill's Black Skies opened the show and immediately set the tone for their set and the remainder of the evening. The sound filling every inch of the room was thick, loud and powerful. As a matter of fact, their myspace site describes it like this: Think Black Sabbath, the Melvins, chest-buckling rhythms, colossally writhing guitars, sweat and leather and broken glass. Very well put. I was really impressed and sort of envious, as this was close to the kind of music I had always wanted to make many years ago, while toiling on drums behind bands that were satisfying the white baseball cap wearing frat dorks and common ground sorority "socialites." I had a bit of time to get to a little Q & A with Black Skies guitarist and vocalist Kevin Clark. Just a little brain picking.. Here goes...

MW:What kind of gear are you using live?

KC: These days I'm using a 70's Phase 4 Univox Hi-Flyer through a Soldano HR-50 with a Soldano 4x12. I'm not really big on pedals, so I just get the best sound I can out of the amp and guitar and roll with it.

MW:Is the band in the studio right now?

KC: We just finished recording a bunch of songs last week.We went into the Cat's Cradle here in Chapel Hill while there were no shows going on and banged out as much as we could over a few days. I've still got to do some more vocals and mix it, but hopefully that stuff will be ready to go real soon.

MW:Any embarrassing moments on stage?

KC:Not too many embarrassing moments. More strange than embarrassing. In Chicago a few months ago, we had this older guy at the show who kept yelling shit between songs. He was convinced that I was Ted Nugent's son and kept trying to get us to play "Cat Scratch Fever" Or "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" or whatever. I knew then it was time for a haircut.

MW:What CD is in your car stereo?

KC:Right now, in the van's CD player, I think "Into The Vortex" by Hammerhead. Personally, I've been listening to a lot of The Sword and quite a bit of Early Man lately.

MW:What are some of your non-musical influences?

KC:I think the general douche-baggery of our current government and the brainwashed, pop culture worshipping, American Idol society we live in, influences me a great deal.

MW:If you weren't playing music, what would you be doing?

KC:I've been playing in bands for more than half my life and working in music venues for the last decade, so a life without being involved with music is pretty hard for me to comprehend. I think without music, I'd lead a dull existence filled with bowling and lots of butt scratching...or there's always politics.

MW:What do you think about the Chapel Hill scene?

KC:I'm really excited about what is going on in Chapel Hill. It will proably always be known as an indie rock town, and rightfully so. But, there seems to be an emergence of heavier bands from here lately. A few years ago, there were only a handful of bands doing heavier, loud rock music. It was difficult to set up local shows, because the same bands would end up playing with each other all the time. The public gets tired of seeing the same show over and over and over. With all these new bands starting up, it's helped add diversity to the thing. I think there's a lot more cross-pollenation going on with Raleigh and Durham these days too. A lot of bands have members from all over the area. I think the scene has gotten past being about a specific town and is more about the Triangle as a whole. Everyone's very supportive of each other and the bands are all sonically different enough to keep things interesting. It feels like something very cool is growing here right now and we're happy to be a part of it.

MW:What is your guilty pleasure?

KC:I am helplessly addicted to Erotic Photo Hunt on those Mega Touch machines you find in bars. It's where they show you two seemingly identical pictures of some early 90's porn chick with a mall claw hairdo in some really absurd setting. You have to find 5 things different between the two pictures within a time limit. It became a sort of pre-show ritual for us while on tour last Fall.

MW:What should people know before they come to see Black Skies live?

KC:1. Wear earplugs. It's gonna be loud.

2. Yeah, I know, you can't really hear the vocals.

3. Sorry guys, the bassist is taken.

MW:What is the meaning of HEAVY?

KC:Dropped C tuning and a huge drum set played really fuckin' loud!!!

Thanks a lot to Kevin and Michelle for the time and effort in giving this interview to Amps 11. Black Skies will, without a doubt, deliver an absolutely blistering set full of ecstacy through volume at the Milestone. The show is Thursday, Feb. 22nd and will also feature Colossus and VCR. The last time I saw them, Kevin nearly fell off the stage as a victim of a self-induced sonic bludgeoning. This show is going to rock......hard. Six bucks, three bands and still the coldest PBR I've had in recent memory. If that means anything.

- Amps 11 article by Mike Whittaker

"Darkness Mounting in Chapel Hill"

Theres a darkness mounting in Chapel Hill. If local bills often feature a surplus of cheerfully scruffy indie boys who yelp, coo, and would probably like to buy you a soy latte, Black Skies is the exception to the rule they rumble, roar, and blow Lucky Strike smoke right in your face. Think Black Sabbath, the Melvins, chest-buckling rhythms and colossally writhing guitars, sweat and leather and broken glass. Independent but far from indie, Black Skies are here to rain on your cute parade. Fair warning - Brian Howe of Pitchfork Media

"Black Skies"

Calling all rockers! I think this picture says it all. These guys (and a gal) truly rock! Black Skies from Chapel Hill have been together for just over a year and a half, and they have had a new drummer (Adam) on board for the last few months. They cite their influences as Black Sabbath, The Melvins, Black Flag - and, of course, sex and booze - all of which can be heard in their music.

Self-described as "loud, heavy music that will melt your face off," the Black Skies call out all rockers who want to be entertained. This will be their first time playing Bella Festa, and little do they know the amazing sound system they have waiting for them here. In fact, you may want to bring your earplugs; it's gonna be loud! Hell ya!

Big Sound, Small Price: Someone better bring a mop to wipe my melted face off the floor. Black Skies will be playing with Red Collar on July 13th for only $5! - BellaZine

"vi FEATURE Black Skies: Not Your Average Stoner Rock"

The Chapel Hill rock band Black Skies are the real thing. The music that they create is grinding and groove heavy like Black Sabbath, attitude laden like the Rolling Stones and just plain killer. I first caught the band at Slim's Downtown in Raleigh a year or so ago and since that time, they have been on my mind due to a very impressive straight up rock show. When I first saw lead dude Kevin, he just had the look of someone that could rock. From his slight cock sure grin to his pointed boots, he reminded me of a young Keith Richards, yet Kevin Clark is definately his own entity. When the band fell into their first song, I knew then that the dude had the chops (Aka musical skills) to match. If you have not seen this band live, YOU SHOULD!

VI: List your bands’ members and what instruments they play.
Kevin Clark- Guitar, Vocals
Michelle Temple- Bass
Cameron Weeks- Drums

VI: Who are your biggest musical influences?
From a musical standpoint early Black Sabbath, Black Flag, The Melvins and High on Fire.

VI: Do you remember the moment when you decided to become a musician?
K: look man, I’ve made lots of questionable decisions when I was drunk, music may be one of them…Seriously though, I remember being up late one night when I was like 12 years old and I saw Woodstock footage on TV. Seeing Hendrix made me wanna rock.
C: Hard
M: Core

VI: How did you all get together?
K: Cameron and I started playing together when we were in our early teens and have been in and out of bands together ever since. I gave Michelle bass lessons which led to her playing in another band I was forming.

VI: What makes you different from the other bands?
C: The three of us have completely different musical tastes and together when you bring that to the table it makes it more interesting and fresh than if we all went home and listened to the same records.
K: I think we play loud heavy powerful music and make a lot of sound for three people while not falling into the trappings of your average “stoner rock” band.

VI: How far out do you tour?
So far mostly up and down the east coast and a bit of the Midwest. We try to expand further every time we go out.

VI: What is your favorite venue to play?
Reservoir in Carrboro, NC (its always nice when your hometown friends treat you well)
Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC (great sound system)
The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, PA (one of our favorite places to play out of town, great staff, great energy and always a good time)

VI: Can you share a funny story from the road with us?
One time we were playing in Charlotte and in the middle of loading out, a MTV- Real World style sorority girl melee broke out, and Cameron was in the wrong place at the wrong time and took a 3 inch stiletto heel to the back. He’s OK though…he survived.

VI: Is there a message behind your music?
K: While there certainly are specific ideas in my head when writing lyrics, I don’t like to get too literal or preachy about whatever the subject matter may be. There are plenty of times when the subject matter is quite abstract. All in all I like to leave it open to the listeners’ interpretation.

VI: What are your plans for 2008?
We have a 7 inch of old material coming out very soon. We are currently getting things together for a limited edition 10 inch vinyl only split release. We’re hoping to record an album’s worth of material by the end of summer and do a good amount of regional touring as well as a few more widespread runs further west than we’ve been so far.

VI: Are you inspired by light or darkness?
C: Stay away from the light
K: it’s hard to tell what I’m playing in the dark
M: dark is good

VI: What do you all do when you aren’t playing shows?
Cameron works at a florist and is a bartender. Kevin is a manager at the Cat’s Cradle. Michelle does social science research at UNC-CH. When we aren’t working or rehearsing...lately we’ve been drinking and playing darts against each other.

by William Watts - The Village Idiot

"Hexagon EP review"

Hexagon, the second EP by Black Skies is just over 23 minutes long. That is quite short, but Black Skies makes sure you do not have the time to get bored. Like a steamroller on the run Black Skies crashes all over you, establishing in that short time span what many bands can only dream of: leaving a crushing impression.

As some sort of devilish cross between Mastodon and the Melvins the Chapel Hill, NC based trio work their way through the six songs on Hexagon. Or better said five, if you do not count the appropriately titled intro 'The Quiet Before The Storm'. The music is so laden with heavy metal riffs that it is hard to keep still, even for the dimmest of people. The head must move in rhythm with the music. We shall headbang, at that relentless - but in a way also swinging beat that is produced by the rhythm section. Fortunately this cd only lasts for 23 minutes, any longer and the untrained musicfreak, unexplainably forced to headbang, could end up with serious injury.

And who cares the lyrics singer/guitarist Kevin Clark spits in the mike are without exception of the post-apocalyptic, Orwellian type? It is somehow fitting for the music, that is not really a gripping example of cheerfulness. And with 23 minutes, the cd is too short to get really depressed by it.
Finally, if 23 minutes should be too short, pressing the repeat-button does miracles. The same cd is now playing for over 115 minutes already (and still it is not finished!) .

from by Jan-Simon. To view the actual review on their site, go here: -

"Hexagon EP review"

Black Skies
Deathtrunk / Sonic Rendezvous
An instrumental and 5 other songs are on this ep. Black Skies creates a gripping and good mix between stoner, sludge and doom. The heavy grooves from Witch, the power from the old Black Sabbath and the sinister, dark sound of Moonspell are naturally combined in excellent and stunning songs. The raw production fits in very well with this kind of music and the extreme heavy riffs and maniac vocals from Kevin Clark are big plusses too. The band would certainly not be out of its place on the Roadburn festival 2009
Stan Novak - Aardschok magazine Holland
- Aardschok magazine (Holland)

"Hexagon Review"

by John Pegoraro
Just when I think I've heard enough thunderous, riff-tastic rock-doom-metal to last a lifetime, I find another band that keeps me coming back for more. In this case, it's Chapel Hill's Black Skies. The three-piece shares a sonic similarity with head crushers High on Fire and the straightforward version of the Melvins – think a fuck it all with fucking no regrets aural assault that leans into you with a series of endless grooves. Of the six tracks on Hexagon, I'm naming "Smoke and Mirrors" and "Chain of Command" as the two I could listen to over and over again without ever getting tired of 'em. They may not be turning the genre on its ear, but they certainly turned my head with this EP. -


Self-titled EP 2007; Self released
Aqua Dogs b/w Family Man 7" 2008; Sirena Discos
Hexagon EP 2008; Self released
Hexagon 12" 2009; I'm Better Than Everyone Records



Black Skies, a power trio currently based in Chapel Hill, NC, are as fast-moving as the rolling thunderheads
their name so vividly conjures. They formed in November of 2005, began playing out just two months later,
and have been tearing up the interstate ever since, sharing stages across the continental U.S. with
like-minded yet diverse rock bands: Japanese drone-metallers Boris, proto-punk aliens Valient Thorr, plus
Big Business, Kylesa, RTX, The Atomic Bitchwax, Zoroaster, Year Long Disaster, Burning Brides, Jucifer,
Harvey Milk and others.

Taking their cues from sludgy yet dynamic behemoths like Black Sabbath and The Melvins, Black Skies'
music is foreboding, heavy yet spry, and crackles with dark energy. Current personnel includes
bassist/singer Michelle Temple, and guitarist/singer Kevin Clark.

In short: A gathering darkness that casts an oppressive pall over all the sunny pop and goofy indie rock
their hometown can muster. Tired of bands that want to save, revive, or reinvent rock and roll? Meet one
that just plays the shit out of it.

Black Skies released their debut EP in August 2007, Aqua Dogs b/w Family man 7" put out by Chapel Hill
vinyl label Sirena Discos in Spring 2008, self-released Hexagon EP in 2008 and a limited edition 12" of
Hexagon released in 2009 on Chicago label, I'm Better Than Everyone Records