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"In The Spotlight: Blackskylight"

Blackskylight is the new project by Fabrizio Siciliano, formerly of Killer Love Transplant. Written and recorded (mostly) alone, he's finally ready to hit the stage and share his music. With things still in the early stages, no specific framework, and the mentality of this artist, the stage is Fab's canvas. It's much more interesting to see someone creative like Fab in this position, rather than your regular, run-of-the-mill type of band in a practiced, routine position. In other words, check out Fab and expect something different each night. This is the kind of artist that you should be watching.

Fab's shown me many of the new songs, and I dug them all. He's recording them most of the parts at home, and getting some performance help from friends (he's just added Benjamin Yoblicka on drums, the organizer of - what he's created is something that I'm really digging. This is different than the majority of Philly rock bands, but still digestable to the mass audience. His influences show, and his talents are reigned (word is he's a much better guitarist than he shows, but he knows how to control it for the sake of the composition - I heard he can play like Yngwie Malmsteem, but you wouldn't know it here, simply because it would be uncalled for).

Killer Love Transplant was a pretty well known band in Philly, and it was, as far as I'm concerned, in the upper-echelon of local bands. More traditional, yet very creative writing... but Blackskylight is proving maturation. Blackskylight's music is the next evolutionary step.

There's a lot more going on in Fab's head than I was able to find out with these questions, but like a true musician, the music is all that matters. That much I gathered. That's VERY amicable.

PMRK: what's the biggest component to getting a reputation in a scene?

Fab: I think each scene is a little different. I guess it all depends on the history of the scene, its roots... the way the people in that certain scene take in the music. I dont know if i can pick just one component. There's persistence, and mainly, fanbase... clubs like to make money... doesn't everyone? And faith. Having faith in what you're doing, and having a good time.

PMRK: your music is diverse, and just outside of commercial regulations... yet it's still very digestible. what are your influences?

Fab: Caviar? I like caviar. Influences...hmm... always a tough one to answer... I mean, truly, deep down, there's Prince, Micheal Jackson... during my "pretend to play jazz" phase, there was John Scofield, MMW. Squarepusher, Sparklehorse is a HUGE influence. Dismemberment Plan, Janes Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead.... there's so many, but i can't really say that having those influences makes the sound I have today. In a way it does. I think that a listener of Blackskylight wouldn't pull those influences out of it.

PMRK: what's better - studio recording, or home recording? what are the benefits and drawbacks?

Fab: Depends on how much you've spent on your home studio! haha. I like recording at home - it's more comfortable, and there isn't really a time restraint... but I usually record the drums at a "real" studio. I'm not saying mine's "fake" or anything, but i don't have the room for a kit, and a nice room always helps for drums. I'll take those drum tracks over to my place, remix them, and finish recording vocals, guitars, and whatever else the song calls for... Am i going off topic here?

PMRK: Yes. What are you looking to do with blackskylight? What's different than Killer Love Transplant?

Fab: It's very different than KLT. I think that creativity goes through shifts in personality. KLT was a different time, different material... More of a united effort between band members, where Blackskylight is probably a side effect of what's going on in the world. I'm always into trying different things. I think that the pop scene is overpopulated. I just wanted to do something different. It may take.. .it may not. We'll see where it takes us!

PMRK: Why a solo project?

Fab: I've never done a solo project before. I think there's confusion with the words "solo project". Many think that a "solo" artist goes up there, on stage, just him and a guitar. That could be one way of looking at it, but to me, it means that I'm expressing my material, and the artists involved are helping me express it. I'm grateful they enjoy playing the material, and are helping with this vision.

PMRK: How important is the web to your music and marketing, compared to traditional methods?

Fab: The web is really important, although it's a big trashpile, and somehwhat annoying and uncontrollable. Other than that, I think it's great. Makes it easy to reach alot of people... ahh, the internet revolution. -

"Automatic Chemistry EP Review"

Blackskylight is the new project from Killer Love Transplant's Fabrizio Siciliano. The songs are mostly mellow, but indie-mellow. It's little, yellow, and different; which is the best way I can come up with to describe this music.

If that didn't make any sense, this paragraph will be more descriptive. The album is called Automatic Chemisty. The songs are emotional, and filled with reason. Makes the people think - you can't help but listen, because it's that kind of music. It's not the kind of music that you dance to, it's the kind you listen to. Deeply. Intently.

Blackskylight takes from Killer Love Transplant mesmerizing - if not a little odd - vocal melodies, but very addictive. Imaginatively simple guitar lines that are subtle but potent. But it leaves you hungry, like Chinese food. When the music is over, the mood lingers, and you're compelled to seek out more. Listen to this. Great job. I put Blackskylight on my top 5 list, and hope to see them create a new musical path that this town is sorely missing.

Still didn't define Blackskylight well enough for you? Well, as they want it, let the music speak for itself. Go to -


The first EP, "automatic chemistry" was written, recorded, and produced by fab, and is available in its entirety on the website. blackskylight is currently recording a full length, due to be out in september, and released by TreeGhost Recordings.


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