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Ketchum, Idaho, United States | SELF

Ketchum, Idaho, United States | SELF
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A female on drums with a male on guitar, their amps' sending a bouquet of rock n’ roll, Hendrix-style blues, and 90’s grunge into the crowd. No, I am not telling you about a White Stripes performance. This is a description of Ketchum, Idaho’s BlackSmith, made up of Tom and Sarah Smith.
The duo started in 2004 and are releasing their debut full-length, Camel Clutch, tonight at the Knitting Factory. This album is chock full of anecdotes.
Smith’s vocals sound like Jack White doing a Johnny Rotten impression–they have the White rasp, and are yelled with the intensity exhibited in Rotten’s Sex Pistols days. -


The muses are nearly impossible to ignore once you hear their call. That call is getting stronger in Valley County, where one can hear the music of nature as well as the soul.
And that is what Tom and Sarah Smith are hearing at their home in Clear Creek, Idaho.
The Smiths have combined their musical interests in their band “Blacksmith”, with Tom playing guitar and vocals, and Sarah playing drums. She didn’t take up drumming until 18 months ago. “I always loved the beat and loved to dance at the raves back in the 90’s - that was big in England then. Tom has been playing guitar for 20 years and he saw me dancing and suggested I take up the drums”.
Tom says that Townes Van Zandt’s musical influence has added a country aspect to Blacksmith’s rocking sound, “and out of it has come our own mountain rock music. It’s hard to categorize our sound, so we just call it rock ’n’ roll”. “We conjured up many original songs that get you moving. They come either from a rhythm or a beat. The response from people has been amazing . We just want to get it out there at this point. It’s not easy to do from Clear Creek.”
The Smith’s acquired a computer to help get their original music out. “We got a 16 track digital recorder back in November. By the end of winter we had our first CD, an elaborate demo, which includes a little known song by Townes Van Zandt called ‘Black Widow Blues’.”
They built their own venue in their garage next to their house, installed a stage and put on a show on June 3. ”We did our first gig in the new venue and made it open to the public. We had 75-100 come. We offered beer and sold CD’s. The people were into the music and asking when we were doing another one.” - Excerpts from an article in THE LONG VALLEY ADVOCATE, July 12, 2006


- Full length album "Camel Clutch" now available on CD Baby
- 5 song EP "Bully" now available on CD Baby



Tom Smith: Classical Guitar/ Vocals
Sarah Smith: Drums/ vocals

Originating from the mountains of Idaho, BlackSmith is a hard rocking, dynamic two-piece that began forging their unique sound in 2005.
Tom has been playing guitar (mostly classical) for 25 years. At 17 he wrote a song that received radio airplay in Boise and for 10 years, during the 90’s, he played in a tight, fast, flamenco guitar duo called “The Kind”. As well as touring the West Coast, The Kind won first place and People’s Choice Award in a Washington singer/songwriter’s showcase and they successfully licensed one of their songs for use in Warren Miller’s “Fifty”.
Sarah had been playing drums for 6 months when her natural aptitude and rhythm inspired Tom to form BlackSmith. They had already developed a close relationship since The Kind’s dissolution in “99 and they were excited to discover their connection transcended to the realm of live music. Only 7 months after Sarah first picked up the sticks they played their debut live show together, in a Boise downtown bar.
Since then the two have evolved into two halves of this musical whole, successfully working their way to a full, multi-layered two-piece sound. Instrumental in achieving this was the creation of a custom, classical-electric guitar built to Tom’s unique specs. Born in 2009, the “Classical Smith” laid any niggling doubts about needing a bass player firmly to the side and later that year BlackSmith produced their first full-length album “Camel Clutch”.
Under influences as diverse as early KOL, Townes Van Zandt, Modest Mouse and 90’s UK techno, the duo have continued to expand their repertoire of catchy, original songs. They released a 5 song EP, “Bully” in March 2011.