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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Peer Review"

"Whenever we have the opportunity to share a stage with Blacksmithz, we're there! Money, Worm, and Animal are not only amazing musicians, but they are one of the most creative and energetic live acts you will ever see. Oh yeah, and they rock!"
John Stanek ~ The Mule Thieves - The Mule Thieves

"Southside Music Festival / Prague in Motion"

Blacksmithz never disappoint with "Freedom" and "Feel my Fire"- I love Money and Animal and bass player Worm is the most fun bass player around that guy moves all over the stage and has so much fun and is so fun to watch!
I got on stage and danced with The Blacksmithz when Animal was doing his solo set.

Kimi Kimmerz - Band Bunny

"Atlanta Astounds Again!"

The Blacksmithz then took the stage with intricate guitar work, and an excellent rhythm section. They closed out their set with a song of Freedom that had the whole room excited.

Sophie Creole - 19 Oct 2006 - NEWS All you've to know about the first round of Emergenza in Atlanta

"Indie In Tune Review - Blacksmithz"

Atlanta , GA

By: Mark
October 5, 2007
I like to think that I’m an open-minded person. To an extent, I am. I can tolerate almost any kind of music-except for hip-hop and rap. When watching VH1 and MTV videos in the wee hours of the morning, IO usually groan when I see 50cent , R. Kelly or Kanye West come on, and I will immediately turn the channel. Even an infomercial is tolerable compared to that.
That being said, I had to relent when I first heard Blacksmithz. They serve a unique blend of hip-hop, metal and alternative that is both innovative and pleasing to the taste buds. Even the lyrics are more sophisticated and unique as compared to the rest of the genre:”Well, the moral of the story is simple and true/Don’t let your buddy creep up on you/And grab your keys and head out the door/Before you’re rolling handcuffed in the back of the door”(from Creep’N)
I hope they don’t mind this evaluation, but they remind me of a combination of The Beastie Boys, Living Color and Soundgarden. It is quite likely that there is something out there for everybody, whether you are a guitar fanatic, “hip-hop head” or whether you are just looking for something different.
Many songs in the hip-hop genre have their limitations-they become repetitious and that always becomes old. The Refreshing thing about Blacksmithz is that once they seem to be falling into that monotonous trap of “sameness”. You hear the blistering guitar of “Money”. He is reinforced by pulsating bass of worm and the driving percussion of Animal.
My favorite lyrics are from “Feel My Fire: “Just read the sign on the door/Don’t jump in the water it’s too shallow/You can’t hold me down/It’s a long and winding road/The road less traveled is what I choose/You can’t hold me back, you can’t hold me back/If it don’t kill me live my life a little harder”.
One of the signs of a great band is the ability to attract a listener who perpetually despises a certain style of music, and convinces them to like that very style. Blacksmithz does just that, and I applaud them for it. Now, if someone could just do that for the elevator music…
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"Blacksmithz Forges Unity in the Local Scene"

The show kicked ass and their CD has not come out of the changer in my car since I got it. If anybody wants to help they can by gong to their myspace and ordering their new CD "Jesus Ain't Gonna Gimme No Record Deal" and check out their sing Junkie, it has a great groove.
S.E. - Silver Tongue Online - Shawn Evans


Blacksmithz ~ Blacksmithz
Itunes Release in August 2007
Blacksmithz ~ Jesus Ain't Gonna Give Me No Record Deal in August 2009



Blacksmithz is an original three-piece band based out of Metro Atlanta with a style that is edgy and melodic. Blacksmithz was formed in late 2006 in Atlanta by founding member Steve Money on guitar/vocals. Money, originally from Beauregard, Al was primarily a solo artist prior to Blacksmithz and has been a member of the Grammy Association since 1999.