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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop




"I Am Indie-Wednesday: BlackSmyth"

Welcome back to another edition of I Am Indie Wednesdays.

Since I’ve been writing these pieces for ICHH, I am often asked the question, how do you decide on who you’re going to write

about every week? The answer is simple. Like a paperclip to a magnet, it just comes to me.

One of the many mottos I live by is that if it flows, it goes. I try not to think too hard and just do the damn thing.

That’s what led me to our artist of the week.

It was one of the chillier nights in the A since fall, and I was sipping a brew, reluctantly smoking a square while scrolling through soundcloud.

Through the sea of orange play buttons, a track called Winter Cold caught my attention.
I guess it was the title that reminded me of the season fast approaching, so without hesitation I pressed play.

As soon as the strings hit followed by strong female vocals, I thought surely no one is spitting over this.

It sounds like Katy Perry could have this joint in her stash!

It wasn’t a minute later after the chorus, BlackSmyth busted out the gate with a flawless tone and delivery. It all made sense as he started going in about his struggles from addictions to finances.

The track is full of drama with a cinematic feel, so I couldn’t help but to envision how this video could be.

BlackSmyth is a military kid from everywhere and nowhere, and the constant changes growing up enhances his versatility as an artist.

He is soon to release an EP in a few months and will drop his LP next year 2015 titled No Comment.
Bundle up and be sure to check out his track Winter Cold featuring Rachel. - RawRadioOne


Debut LP titled "No Comment" will be released in June 2015.



          Alcohol saved my life, and by that I mean it brought me back to music. When I got out of the Marines in 2010 I sat and drank on my friend's couch for two weeks straight. My girlfriend at the time kept telling me I needed help, which is ironic because the easy part in life is knowing when we need help but the hard part is admitting it. A week later I was at an AA meeting. I listened to stories of how peoples lives were destroyed as a result of alcohol abuse. Willie Polk, the toothless man sitting next to me, told me to start writing in a journal every day. I never went back to AA, but the moment I went home and wrote that first word my new addiction consumed my life: Music. The words I wrote seemed like secrets I had been wanting to tell myself my whole life but never had the courage. There was an inevitable force moving inside of me and I had to set it free. As a famous historian once said "The rest is history".


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