Black Soul Strangers
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Black Soul Strangers


Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Animate 4/5"

[Black Soul Strangers] do what they do exceedingly
well, with admirable panache and a welcome sense of commitment - Hot Press

"Black Soul Strangers"

They’ve gone and ruddy well assembled a kick ass rock band to show us all how it could be again - The Heads Up

"Animate 5/5"

One of the best new bands around.... Black Soul Strangers have shown that they demand attention. - Red Hot Velvet

"The Haunting"

A mesmeric tune exemplified by soulful rhythm that runs throughout - Shortlist

"Animate 4/5"

Gorgeous, hypnotic melody... a tingling panoramic rush" - Uncut

"Black Soul Strangers"

"razor-sharp guitar indents and fractured melodies have recently had industry-types wetting themselves...ambitious Dublin band glow with the light of a burgeoning reputation that precedes them like a will-o'-the wisp... accomplished arrangement of songs....
a band who actually look and sound successful before their time...Strangers, eh? Not for much longer"


"surefooted, determined, and mercifully single-minded.... a love and natural talent for song construction." - In Dublin

"The Frequency"

"there is no doubting the quality of the material, which solid songwriting carries through...quite an irresistible piece of work....... highly recommended could be a very interesting one to watch out for" - Ireland Music Alternative


Lies - Single - Released 30 Nov. 2009
Animate - Debut Album - Released Spring/Summer 2010
Tristia - Free download track from the album, released 30 Nov. 2009
Panic Sets Direction - Release for Dec 2010



Black Soul Strangers burst to life in an old school house in coastal Donegal (Ireland) where Barry Gorey and Brendan O’Mahoney began throwing ideas at each other for what would be their debut album ‘Animate’.

In recording, the sound of a crashing drum across a studio floor and a 50 strong choral voice painted colour, tone contrast, highlighting the musical chaos of Black Soul Strangers. Instinctive tribal rhythms capture the emotion and pace of these experiences. A heart felt vocal that captures the impact and personal nature of the songs.

In January 09 the band left the warmth of home with the finished recordings for the cold streets of London where they enlisted guitarist Philip Wyer to complete the line up.

Attacking the London scene face on has showcased the bands raw talent for song writing and performance swiftly earning them a growing army of fans and a reputation as ones to watch this year.

‘Most of these songs were written whilst growing up in a run-down area of west Dublin, where I watched the people I grew up with, fade away into drugs or alcohol.
It was during this time that my father suddenly passed away. This was when the idea of slowly crafting songs together went out the window, and everything just poured out of me.’
(Barry Gorey)