Black Star

Black Star

 Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, IDN

Experimental Pop from Indonesia...


Black Star formed back in 1999 as a 4 piece rock band, after several face lifts, and line up changes they returned with a bang in 2006 as a 5 piece experimental-pop band. The songs have graceful melodies and unique sounds. Their songs will simply stick in your head. They have been described by some as “a cross between Radiohead and Travis”.

After learning their craft for years as a cover band on the local circuit, in Jakarta Black Star have recorded a 3 track Demo, which combines Black Star’s dark lyrics with stadium-ready melodies to blend out a record full of beautiful strange sound. The Demo was created in modest time, and contains fan favourite and standout track “Insomnia". The band is currently gigging relentlessly showcasing their songs at any given opportunity.

Black Star, are all local lads from Lebak Bulus in Jakarta, and have been playing in bands from early ages, Emir (Lead singer, 21), Aloel (Guitar, 26), Yudi (Guitar, 23), Q-nos (Bass, 27), Rob (Drum, 26), and Une (Keyboard, 23) are highly skilled, and respected musicians within the area.

Once the band had formed, they set about writing and gigging with great success. Within a few months they had over 15 songs with which the band are both proud of, and believe in. They take their fan base with them to every gig, and are always on form, both on stage and off. And have gained a good reputation from every cafè, club, school party and street corner they have performed at. In February 2009, the band has released their debut album, under an indie label, Fiasco Records.



Written By: Sahrudin, Yan Remirza

Terbias aksara
Terdistorsi mata ini
Berpikir ilusi
Fenomena Fatamorgana


Abnormal aku
Disleksia aku
Abnormal aku

Implisit depresi
Ku tenggelam dan tenggelam
Terbias aksara
Terdistorsi mata ini

Back to Reff


Written By: Sahrudin / Yan Remirza

Can you hear disturbing noise?
Could you stop your fuckin' voice?

Can everything be quiet?
Keep silent
Can everything be quiet?
Keep silent

My mind keep turning around
This life become up and down

I feel so sad
I feel so bad
I feel so mad
I feel so... uuh

I wish
I will


Written By: Yan Remirza, Mahdesi Iskandar

All around the world
They never really care about us
Rising flame surrounds the wall and burn

Just return them to the way it used to be
It's such a waste of time to reconcile it over

I'm crying
So sadly

Don't take them away...


Album: Black Star (2009)
Single: 'Abnormal Aku (ft. Cholil Efek Rumah Kaca)' (2009)

Set List

Approximately 45 mins.

1. Insomnia
2. Black Star (Radiohead Cover)
3. Tetap Di Jiwa
4. Miasma
5. Pedofilia
6. Karma Police (Radiohead Cover)
7. White Wolf
8. Abnormal Aku