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Black Star

Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia

Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Band Alternative Pop


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"Black Star: The Next Big Thing?"

We were doing our daily Myspace browse when we came across Black Star. Sure, the name suggests that this is along the lines of young, lovesick, copy-paste pop, albeit the Radiohead reference. But it isn't. In fact we were surprised at how profound they were. They fit right in with Efek Rumah Kaca, Zeke and the Popo, Lain and D'zeek, but insists that there exists nontrivial differences. Started in 1999, but broke out in 2006, we finally have a band thats been in the industry long enough to not fall into the trap of..well..playing in a TV show hosted by Luna Maya.

Black Star is a five-piece experimental rock band, all from South Jakarta (represent!). We asked them about a collaboration with Cholil from Efek Rumah Kaca, their song on pedophiles, and who reads Twilight in the band.

1.The first song we heard, Abnormal, is featuring Cholil (lead singer of Efek Rumah Kaca), how did that happen?

Roby (Drums): Black Star and Efek Rumah Kaca are both partners in the indie world. We filled out stages together, mostly Tributes to Radiohead shows. We also fill out on each other's records. So on the song "Abnormal Aku" (the title went through a slight change on the album), we did just that. We wanted to bring out our friendship on that song.

2. A lot of your singles are one word titles (Abnormal, Insomnia and Pedofilia). Why is that? Why the concise choice in words?

Roby (Drums): No special intention there. It just came out like that.

3. Ever participted in #indonesiaunite on Twitter?

Roby: I just did.
Ine (Keyboards): I think not as a band, but personally, yes.

4. Why is there a song called Pedofilia?

Roby: This song tells about sexually deviant behavior. Not just pedophilia but you know, other stuff like, say sadomachosism.. The inspiration came from Emir (lead vocals) when he heard the story of a man getting on a bus filled with female students. He then went to sit at the far back and jerked off. In a way this song reminds us all (that there's people who would do that).
Ine: In the making of our first album, we wanted to take on phenomenons around us, things that is referred as a disorder, as a disease. Abnormal tells the story of the mentally challenged, and then there's a song called Schizophrenia (obviously about a personality disorder). So we just had to do Pedofilia, where an individual likes his/her sexual desires to be very young. The point is, we raise awareness on the subjects where society lacks. It's just a reminder for us all.

5. How did you feel on July 17th 2009 (the Jakarta Bombing). Remember what you were all doing?

Roby: We were devastated, for sure. It happenned when Indonesia's image was getting better among other nations. Things like this just had to happen, all caused by some irresponsible people. At the time, we were working our day jobs, or probably practicing for our album launch..good thing nobody bought MU (Manchester United) tickets. Ha ha.
Ine: We were surprised too, that there was yet another bombing. In the same place and another close to that. There's a lot of speculations and rumors about the bombing. The kids were busy working, and I was in the middle of a road trip home (to Java). I hope things like this don't ever happen again. We can only express our condolences to the victims families. I think security everywhere would need to be increased, not just after a bomb, but all the time.

6. Don't you sound a little too much like Lain/ERK/Zeke and the Popo? Can we say you're the next big thing?

Roby: That's up to the listeners. We're l good friends, so we may have influenced each other. Dzeek too, hehe. The next big thing? Let the crowd decide.
Ine: I disagree, ask the kids, they wouldn't think so too either. Black Star has a different voice character, and musically, we are darker. If there must be a little resemblance, probably because we share the same influence. But I think the bands you mentioned above, have also found their niche.

7. Who in here reads Twilight?
Roby: Ine, the keyboardist. She's mad about Edward Cullen. He is hot. Haha.
Ine: Me? I just watch. Maybe Emir (the lead vocals) because he likes those sort of fiction?

Source: - Verdict Magazine


Album: Black Star (2009)
Single: 'Abnormal Aku (ft. Cholil Efek Rumah Kaca)' (2009)



Black Star formed back in 1999 as a 4 piece rock band, after several face lifts, and line up changes they returned with a bang in 2006 as a 5 piece experimental-pop band. The songs have graceful melodies and unique sounds. Their songs will simply stick in your head. They have been described by some as “a cross between Radiohead and Travis”.

After learning their craft for years as a cover band on the local circuit, in Jakarta Black Star have recorded a 3 track Demo, which combines Black Star’s dark lyrics with stadium-ready melodies to blend out a record full of beautiful strange sound. The Demo was created in modest time, and contains fan favourite and standout track “Insomnia". The band is currently gigging relentlessly showcasing their songs at any given opportunity.

Black Star, are all local lads from Lebak Bulus in Jakarta, and have been playing in bands from early ages, Emir (Lead singer, 21), Aloel (Guitar, 26), Yudi (Guitar, 23), Q-nos (Bass, 27), Rob (Drum, 26), and Une (Keyboard, 23) are highly skilled, and respected musicians within the area.

Once the band had formed, they set about writing and gigging with great success. Within a few months they had over 15 songs with which the band are both proud of, and believe in. They take their fan base with them to every gig, and are always on form, both on stage and off. And have gained a good reputation from every cafè, club, school party and street corner they have performed at. In February 2009, the band has released their debut album, under an indie label, Fiasco Records.