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Black Stax

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Hip Hop Soul


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"Seattle’s underground group continues ‘Staxin’’"

By: Carol Banks Weber AXS Contributor Jan 9, 2015 3 weeks ago
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Seattle’s underground group continues ‘Staxin’’

Seattle’s underground R&B/hip-hop/jazz group, Black Stax, readies for the next installment in its new “Black Envelope Vol. 2: The Staxin’ Continues” performance series with an ambitious, multimedia concert January 17, 9 p.m., at 2312 Gallery 2nd Ave. “Black Envelope Vol. 2” is the second part of Felicia Loud and Jace ECaj’s “Staxin’” incarnation, minus MC Silas Blak.

Their first show, “Hot Coca” December 26 at LUCID, kicked off the transition with the artists putting themselves in a living “musical museum” of a show, while artistically moving into new material with new artists and a fresh start.

“Since this is a transition, I like to say this is Vol. 2: Staxin’ Continues,” Jace ECaj explained in a December 21st AXS interview. “We still plan on ‘stackin’ great music, to create quality (good) music. For 2015, we already have some exciting things planned. We are releasing two records in Africa and the UK with two artists from there. In Africa, we have a song with Naomi Wamboe and in the UK with Cyclonious. We will have visuals to support these as well. As well as new material from Black Stax. … The show on the 26th is the first in a series that we are doing in Seattle to showcase the new material and introduce how Black Stax will continue.”

Get ready for the second in the series. On January 6, singer Loud explained: “‘Black Envelope’ is our vision of self identification through visual arts. In this series, ‘Hot Coca,’ we sculpted ourselves into a musical museum. With ‘Black Envelope Vol. 2,’ our goal is to paint a bigger picture of black beauty and strong lyrical content and visuals to match.”

A major part of the second show will include Kenyan vocalist Wamboe, who recorded a new song, “Star,” with the group. That recording will come out in Africa soon.

Sistah Luv (LaTanya Horace), a three-piece ensemble, and the sounds of DJ Fresh1 complete the evening.

Jace described the new Black Stax movement yesterday.

What do you mean by Black Envelope Vol. 2? Is this the title of your ongoing performance series, possibly a working title for your next album? “Black Envelope Vol. 2” is the second time we did a “Black Envelope” event. So, since we are embarking on the second phase of Black Stax and our musical contribution, we are engaging in the theme, “Vol. 2: Staxin’ Continues.” That may be closer to the title of our next album, “Vol 2: Staxin Continues.”

You mention visual arts with the live music at this next show. Any details? No [winks]. No real details to share. But, we like putting all the forms of art together when putting on a production. So, the visual aspect plays a huge role in getting some people’s attention. And, because of that, we will include that in every show we can.

Come open up the Envelope and see what’s inside.

What can people expect at the Jan. 17th installment? People can expect a strong performance with a lot of new music! They can expect an atmosphere of good energy, beautiful people, and a commitment to making sure we have a great time with messages throughout.

Our lyrical journey continues...

Define Black Stax to the unsuspecting public. What drives you both as artists? Black Stax is a group that was formed to do, in the tradition, to continue to ‘stack’ and ‘acknowledge’ the roots of great music and build from there. Using all genres in the process.

What drives me is what fueled me...the ability to be inspired by music, the ability to be persuaded by music, and the ability to share and learn from music. Music has such a huge impact on the human spirit, that we have to make sure ours will stand the test of time and can be passed on to the youth in its purest form. The elders school us, the youth inspire us, and our peers push us. And, we have no problem having the responsibility and accountability of that. We are honored to do so! - By: Carol Banks Weber AXS Contributor

"Black Stax Presents "Black Envelope Vol 2""

January 6, 2015

Seattle, WA

Black Stax contiunes their mission in 'stacking' good music with their second part in the series, Vol 2: 'Staxin' Continues.

'Black Envelope Vol 2' will be held on January 17, 2015 at 2312 Gallery 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA. Doors at 9pm. This installation will include a special guest appearance by Kenyan born singer, Naomi Wamboe. Ms Wamboe collaborated with Black Stax to record a song titled, 'Star', that will be released in Africa in the near future.

The night will also includes Sistah Luv (LaTanya Horace), a three (3) piece ensemble and the sounds of DJ Fresh1.

Come join Black Stax and see what else is inside the 'Black Envelope'

Tickets are available online at (

And, at Good Hair Salon located at 1918 E. Yesler, Seattle, WA (206) 709-7699

Any inquiries contact

Black Stax is creating their own lane as musical storytellers. They are on a mission to bring you great music that you can vibe with. Get on board the Black Stax train and help spread the word!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Media Contact
Susan Koshi
*** - Flava Marlex

"‘Hot Coca’ with hip-hop’s Black Stax: Come get some"

‘Hot Coca’ with hip-hop’s Black Stax: Come get some

Carol Banks Weber - AXS Contributor
By: Carol Banks Weber AXS Contributor Dec 22, 2014
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‘Hot Coca’ with hip-hop’s Black Stax: Come get some

The last time fans heard from jazz/hip-hop group Black Stax was at One Vibe Africa’s Madaraka Festival at Seattle’s EMP Museum last June, performing for a good cause, empowering the youth in Kenya’s slums through music. Black Stax is back to premiere the first show in a series at LUCID Lounge this Friday, 9 p.m., for “Hot Coca,” an intimate evening of “seductive hip-hop.”

Minus MC Silas Blak, Jace ECaj and vocalist Felicia Loud will perform new material and fan favorites in collaboration with the Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas (CD Forum) at the popular artist venue on 5241 University Way NE in Seattle. DJ Fresh1 and guest vocalist LaTanya Horace, aka Sistah Luv, will also join in some “Hot Coca.”

“Hot Coca was coined by David Pierre-Louis, owner of LUCID,” Black Stax’s Jace ECaj explained yesterday. “We were talking about doing something smooth that would introduce a warm vibe and warm drinks to celebrate the end of one season, year, going into the next with a good taste in your soul.”

Black Stax is about more than good taste, good times, and good for your soul — although the artists certainly value this in abundance in every performance. Jace ECaj and Loud also weave the currents of the social unrest that temper the good with the injustice, seeking common ground. Their music constantly seeks that common ground, driven by love — and some sick beats that come out of R&B, urban contemporary, definitive jazz, and street-soaked blues.

Out of this cauldron of creativity and compassion rises the hit single, “I Love My Life,” from the 2010 debut album, Talking Buildings, the High Rhymes Smoking Jackets EP follow-up in 2012, the first in a Producer series by Rob Castro, and a major live album recorded at the Triple Door from last year.

But wait! There’s more new music, and everybody who attends the December 26th LUCID show will hear all about it. “Yes, new music! This will be just Felicia Loud and Jace ECaj. Since this is a transition, I like to say this is Vol. 2: Staxin’ Continues. We still plan on ‘stackin’ great music To create quality (good) music. For 2015, we already have some exciting things planned. We are releasing two records in Africa and the UK with two artists from there. In Africa, we have a song with Naomi Wamboe and in the UK with Cyclonious. We will have visuals to support these as well. As well as new material from Black Stax. Exciting times!”

Since this is Black Stax, definitely expect them to weigh in on the current social issues weighing on this community and this planet as a whole. “You will definitely hear our voices on the issues that continue to effect our youth community and other humanitarian issues that affect the people of this planet (especially the injustices),” Jace ECaj continued. “The show on the 26th is the first in a series that we are doing in Seattle to showcase the new material and introduce how Black Stax will continue. So, come get some. Hot Coca can warm your soul!” - By: Carol Banks Weber AXS Contributo

"Black Stax "Hot Coca" at Lucid Lounge on December 26th"

Official Press Release for Black Stax

Seattle, WA

On December 26, 2014 at 9pm, Black Stax in collaboration with Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas (CD Forum), Present 'Hot Coca' at the premiere Artist venue, LUCID Lounge, 5241 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

"Hot Coca" is an intimate evening of "seductive" Hip-Hop with Black Stax (Jace Ecaj & Felicia V. Loud). As we transition into another phase of stackin' great music, we invite you to join the experience. New material as well as some fan favorites.

Also featuring:
DJ Fresh1 and Guest Vocalist LaTanya Horace aka Sistah Luv.

'Warm Drinks, Warm vibe for the Soul' Come join us in celebrating each other as we take 2014 out united through positive music and vibe!

Purchase your tickets online via Eventbrite: (

We would like to thank our sponsor the Office of Arts & Culture for your support of this event.

Contact Jace ECAj or Lady Flava of F.M.J.Media for more information.

Media Contact
F.M.J. Media
206-538-0808 - Flava Marlex

"Interview with a Muse: Stacking Black!"

Once upon a time, Lewis and Clarke “discovered” a majestic temperate rainforest (we all know that Sacagawea was already living there along with all her peoples, but that’s another story for a different blog post)…and them guys named it the Northwest. A bunch of European folks settled there and a city was built called Seattle. If they could get through Oregon…(the only state accepted into the Union, which outlawed black people from its borders) Black people could settle, create businesses and make art. Fast-forward (I know I’m skipping something, right?) to the nineties and a thriving Seattle Hip Hop scene, and we get one Pioneer (in a whole different sense) named Jace. Jace was born in Richmond, California as the son of Black Panthers who moved to Seacity. He started rapping at a young age, made a name for himself as part of the underground group, Silent Lambs Project and is currently one third of the soulful collaboration (which includes songstress Felicia Loud) called Black Stax. - Madlines

"If you love music, either it’s soul or hip hop or simply GOOD Music, well Black Stax is made for you."

What I like the most about them :

- You can feel the soul they put into their music. You guys must know me enough by now to be aware that the passion and the soul in music is what I appreciate the most. Nowadays passion and soul is what’s missing in songs we hear and they bring that back so I can’t help but loving them.

- Their beats are pure beauty. You know, the kind of beats I really love to hear and can play all day long without being tired of it.

- Felicia Loud’s voice. I’m not saying that the guys suck or anything, they are just as amazing but Felicia really adds the tabasco to the recipe of the songs.

- The mix of influences in their music. As an eclectic person, I really appreciate the variety, the urban edge and the 70’s influence of their songs.

- Shark Face Gangers-Paris, France June 2013

"Black Stax listed amongst the "The New New: 15 Seattle Rappers You Should Know" May 23rd, '13 • by Dan Buyanovsky"

Sounds like: A fun blend of soul and hip-hop with clear influences in groups like The Fugees and The Roots.
Why you need to know them: Stax’s collaborative sound is really interesting, as they mix bass-heavy beats with soulful sounds, which serve as perfect backdrops for intelligent lyricism. On standout tracks like “Abandoned” and “Black Headsets,” the trio sounds like a 1970s-era soul outfit with clear jazz influences. - XXL Magazine

"Miss Radcliffe Meets......Black Stax"

Hip Hop Emcees Silas Blak and Jace ECAj joined up with vocalist Felicia Loud and together became 'Black Stax'

The Seattle based trio have gained many fans (including myself) with their eclectic sound of Blues, Jazz, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Check out their live performance of 'They Want Me' one of the singles from their Debut album 'Talking Buildings'

Silas Blak has now left the group to focus on his own musical creativity...but I had the opportunity to chat with Jace and Felicia.

Miss R: So..Jace, You and Silas came together to form 'Silent Lambs Project' Tell me how that came about?

Jace: 'Silent Lambs Project' was created in 1996 when we combined both of our crews, 4th Party and Blind Council. This was a time in Seattle where things were very challenging. You had to be Dope, whatever your style was, to even be 'allowed' on the M I C. Real competitive time...good times! No mediocre allowed!
But, we were doing our own things and saw a strength and challenge in the combination 'cause most katz in the town were a lil' nervous about that union I think. - Miss Radcliffe


Talking Buildings 2010
High Rhymes Smoking Jackets 2012



Black Stax is comprised of Seattle accomplished MC Jace ECAj, and celebrated vocalist Felicia Loud. They consider their music inspiring, relevant and controversial. Its smart music; every word carefully chosen and every song carries a message of societal challenges, common justice and community uplift. Fans appreciate the eclectic, urban sound laced with jazz and 70s-era soul, which provides lifes soundtrack to the sophisticated connoisseur. A collaboration that works, Black Stax successfully blends musical genres and attracts a varied and supportive following.

In a review, The Stranger said what defines Loud is her flawless command of the tones and textures of American Soulwhat defines [the MCs] is their commitment to a hip hop that is complicated at the levels of ideas and expression, politics and language.

Their first album Talking Buildings (2010) was released with their first single I Love My Life, a lyrical, urban and soul influenced song. The music video celebrates life, gives appreciation to heritage and demonstrates the positive, home-grown vibe of Black Stax. Well received, upon its debut, the music video played in Foot Locker and Foot Action stores nationwide. Their latest project is called High Rhymes Smoking Jackets an EP produced by Rob Castro that is part of The Producer Series; collaborations with varied Seattle-area producers, each with its own exploration of the Black Stax sound.

Besides their unparalleled sound, what sets Black Stax apart is their ability to put on a memorable live show. Individually they are seasoned performers and collectively they are masters of setting a vibe and drawing in an audience. No two shows are ever the same as delivering something new is important to them.

Black Stax has appeared in the pages of The Stranger Newspaper, Seattle Weekly Newspaper and The Hype Magazine; online features include and They have also performed at Seattles popular music venues such as Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater, Contour, ETG, Langston Hughes Performing Art Center, ACT and Chop Suey, at the Malcolm X Hip Hop Festival and on the national Dope Emporium Tour.