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There’s nothing cynical or deliberately beautiful about a starry sky, and there’s no necessarily singular point of focus. It is its expanse, its happenstance of individual specks of light salted across the deep black beyond that sets our minds off wandering, wondering, and ultimately reflecting. This sort of bewilderment escapes us as we grow older and busier and less strange to our own awe of the natural world. However, when it does circle back around, its power is all consuming.
Blackstone Heist was born in 2008—the year of a global financial panic. We are four musicians who value the integrity of personal craft and find fulfillment in sharing it with others. It’s an endeavor that serves as a counterpoint to this dangerous and (thankfully) endangered era of glorified self-interest. In Blackstone Heist, there is no single star. It is a constellation of musical personalities, four cornerstones intent on etching a singular sound together—a sound that is honest, organic, and impulsive yet woven tightly.
We are not the type of band that would take pride in knowing only three chords. “The Fight I’ve Never Won”, a track off of our first EP recorded in 2009, has 11 chords and multiple key shifts in quick succession. It navigates through savory and sweet, and draws itself out in a frantic instrumental that renders the song inviable to any radio frequency anywhere. We did that because we wanted to. And we believe that if we enjoy it, then all we need to do is find some segment of the population that thinks about rock music in the same way that we do.
There must be enough of you out there. After all, we draw unapologetically from the giants that stood before us: the timelessness of The Rolling Stones, CCR, Led Zeppelin, the experimentation of Radiohead, The Talking Heads, the sheer talent of Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix or any jazz great, the collective energy of Phish and Arcade Fire, and the universal appeal of The Beatles and Pink Floyd.
We are charged with the feeling that we are at the edge of something big—maybe it’s our futures, or the challenges that lie ahead, or simply something bigger than us. Whatever it is, it’s worth pursuing… if only for the love of the pursuit. If there’s a better reason to make music out there, we haven’t found it yet.