Black Sun

Black Sun


Black Sun (pronoun): Young psych-rock five piece from Perth with a penchant for reverb heavy vocals and lush guitar interplay. Known for exciting live performances involving candles, bubbles, audience participation and love.


Black Sun is a five piece guitar band from Perth. The lineup consists of two guitarists, bass, drums and a front man with a tambourine.

We're influenced by bands like The Verve and Neil Young and Crazy Horse, as well as other local Perth bands like Pond, Red Shoes Boy and Tame Impala. Thus, we like to play with tons of delay, heaps of reverb and lots of pretty flashing lights spinning all around us.

We formed early in 2009 and we've since played gigs all over the Perth area, to a very positive reception from crowds and local street press publications like the Drum Media.

Thats about it.


We're yet to have a physical release but have two tracks streaming on Myspace and Triple J Unearthed. ("Dreamin' In The Tree" and "I Am A Mirror")

Set List

Our sets generally run for a standard 45 minutes.


Dreamin' in the Tree
Summer Grind
Sheep's Song
I Am A Mirror

Sometimes we throw a severely abridged cover of Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" into the set