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Black Sunday

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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Black Sunday @ Mojoes

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Black Sunday @ The Chamber

Leitchfield, Kentucky, USA

Leitchfield, Kentucky, USA

Black Sunday @ The End

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



With the countless number of CD's we review here at Velocity, we thought the album entitled "Liberi of Luna" would be just another bland & talentless 45 minute chunk of noise. Boy, were we wrong!? This Louisville based trio didn't fail to deliver on song after song as the record showed the talent of songwriters Mike and Steve Williams. Tracks like
"The First 48" or "Bag of Bones" will catch your attention quickly and have you humming the hooks all day long. In a moments notice, the band can switch it up and make you feel a bit sentimental like the beautiful cover of a Cardinal Sin classic, "Where We Shine" or the gut wrenching track "Could Have Her" about the Caylee Anthony story. Overall, the band is very marketable and very talented. If My Chemical Romance ever had a love affair with the Alkaline Trio, believe me, Black Sunday would emerge. - Velocity Weekly


Caught Red Handed EP(2005)
-Nice Head, I Think I'll Take It
-Horror and Heartache
-Caught Red Handed
-Hey, Stop Stabbing Me

Going to the Chapel, Gonna Get Buried(2006)
-Your Are Cursed
-Katch'em and Kill'em
-Mourn the Birth
-Celebrate the Death
-The Morgue
-The Merrier
-Hail Mary
-Mr. Death
-Procession Pile Up

Liberi of Luna(2009)
-Murder On A Sunday Morning (Mr. Death Pt. 2)
-Destroy Evidence. Collateral Damage.
-The First 48
-The Epidemic
-...And The Horse You Rode In On
-Bring A Gun To The Knife Fight
-Could Have Her
-Bag of Bones
-Bloody Speakers. Bloody Hands.
-Heaven--Right Smack In The Middle Of Hell
-Damn Kid, You're A Mess
-Where We Shine

From Under the Rug - A B-Sides Collection(2010)
-Mother Church
-Piss & Ink
-Scissors & Knives
-Windy City Houdini Acoustic
-Would It Kill You Acoustic
+ Live Tracks!

Caught Red Handed, Hallelujah, Procession Pile Up, The Morgue, Destroy Evidence. Collateral Damage, Bloody Speakers. Bloody Hands. & The First 48 have received radio airplay on college radio stations throughout the mid west.

The Morgue has been used by the CW network on TV shows such as the Tyra Banks Show & TMZ. It has also appeared on TBS movies such as Varsity Blues & the award winning movie The Mask featuring Cher.

Heaven--Right Smack In The Middle Of Hell was also considered being used on the New Moon soundtrack based on the novel by Stephenie Meyers.

The band met well known ghost hunters Zak Bagans & Aaron Goodwin in the summer of 2010 while the Ghost Adventures crew filmed at Waverly Hills. They were to have their music featured on the new season of Ghost Adventures* but problems fitting music into a serious ghost hunting show proved too difficult to work out.

*Q: So you guys were supposed to be featured on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures? That's pretty awesome.

A: Technicalities prevented that. But Zak & Aaron are very cool guys. I talked with them for hours. We shared some drinks, some stories, & even some 3 a.m. breakfast at a little diner off Bardstown Rd named Cafe 360. Zak wanted to help us out & get our music on the show but he couldn't do it. We hold no grudges or anything like that, it's a business & it was a decision he couldn't control. Just the fact that he took it upon himself to try and help us out, that was very cool and it showed his real character & motives as a person. He owes us nothing. We have nothing but respect for the work Zak, Aaron, & Nick do & we support anything they do or will do. I hope to remain friends with them & continue to hope that maybe some day we can get on the show. Everyone be sure to tune in on Friday's this September to watch the new season of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel."

-Mike Williams in a radio interview with 93.1 the FOX in Louisville, KY



Black Sunday is a band that everyone can fall in love with. The catchy, melodic songwriting of Mike and Steve Williams catches the attention of listeners without prejudice. Fans of Black Sunday are of all ages and stereotypes. Their music is straight forward rock with a punk edge chocked full of great lyrics covering topics ranging from murder and mayhem to love and partying. Black Sunday has found their niche in writing since they formed in late 2003 drawing comparisons to artists like the Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker, Misfits, AFI, and even Saves The Day.

Black Sunday is a hardworking band that knows no one will help them if they are not willing to help themselves. In six years the band has self-released a 4 song EP, two full length albums(Going to the Chapel, Gonna Get Buried & Liberi of Luna), and recently a b-sides collection of previously unreleased songs entitled From Under the Rug.. Each release has been followed up with extensive touring throughout the east coast and mid west. Black Sunday has had the pleasure of being a part of the Vans Warped Tour in 06', 07', and 08' and has opened for many national acts such as AFI, Saves The Day, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Against Me!, The Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio, Gym Class Heros w/Travie McCoy and many many more. The list goes on & on & continues to grow! In 2009 the band toured the country on a 30 date Hot Topic tour in support of their album "Liberi of Luna." Hot Topics were packed from wall to wall & stores not included on the tour we're emailing & calling frantically trying to continue to get the band to their area store. A very successful venture resulting in Liberi of Luna selling more than 700 copies in the before mentioned summer.

2010 has been the year of horror conventions! The band pursued a fresh direction booking VIP parties & setting up booths at these conventions around the country trying to increase their fan base. Appearing at Zombie Stock, Fright Night Film Festival, Horror Hound, Dark Woods Con, Haunted Horrors & Paranormal Convention definitely proved to be a good move. Landing connections in the horror movie world the band is set to have their music appear on many upcoming movie projects in the coming years.

Black Sunday is CURRENTLY in the process of writing 2 new albums. One is set to begin recording in January with Mike Felumlee(ex Alkaline Trio & Smoking Popes) in Chicago. Mike just recently had a song featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures! Another project is slated for 2011. A concept album recorded by the legendary Joe Queer from the iconic punk band the Queers! The concept album is in the early stages but it is being written in conjuncture with a movie script hopefully to be picked up & filmed. A horror movie/rock opera in vein of Rocky Horror Picture Show & Repo the Genetic Opera.

With the experience and the know-how Black Sunday is ready take the next step and work with anyone who shares their same visions.

"We just wanna write & play our music for as many people that will listen. A career in music is the ultimate goal as it should be with any band, but the friends you meet along the way are the rewards you will always cherish." Steve Williams