Black Swan

Black Swan





Written By: Courtney Vincent

Its a fall from grace
Finding that nothing stays the same
But instilled within us all
A search for solid ground in vain

But its not too late
And never could be
So I can't fear
This arbitrary lack of answers

Still they're vanishing
Pieces of me into thin air
And along with them
The chance that I
Could ever get back there

To where these words were mine
So safely locked away
But now they're on display
And I'm altered

To where this soul was mine
To where only I could say
'Cause I have no soul to sell
And I am not after yours

But in holding out
Did I somehow leave it all behind
Was I searching for
Something that was already mine

And maybe I should have no fear
Of what may come
But what is time and what is space
And where do we belong

Holding Out

Written By: Courtney Vincent

Holding out for something
That I must imagine
Something that somehow
escaped me, escapes me still,
escapes us all

and so forgotten
the need to stay
the need to change takes over
and all that's left is reaching out but

but so staggering
is the line between
all we are and all
that we're meant to be
we all run away
we all try to stay
but we all end up
somewhere in between

and so we're holding out
for something vague and faceless
something none of us
has ever seen

but can I even see
the difference in all I've created
and all that's created me,
creates me still, creates us all

and so forgotten
a way to give it all
all too afraid to lose control
all too afraid to fall

but why can't we see
there is no such thing
no control, no protection, no enemy
we may run away
we may try to stay
but we all end up
somewhere in between ...

but so staggering
is the line between
all we are and all
that we're meant to be
we all run away
we all try to stay
but we all end up
where we'd always be


Written By: Courtney Vincent

sometimes I lose myself
into this cold emotion
these wasted tears
and wasted fears
still pull me under

there's still so much to say
but we remain apart and wonder
why we even said goodbye
and who's hurting more today

is there no escaping
this cruel illusion
with time I'd hoped
to find my way
to some conclusion

in spite of all that I've become
and could only be without you
a single word or straying thought
still makes it all unravel

holding me down
only what I allow
holding me up
only memories
but frozen in time
the love we knew

let me let go
let me renew
let me let go because I...

I don't want to remember
whoever I was with you
can't immortalize this love
can't escape what we're still
not through

Wake Up

Written By: Courtney Vincent

so here's today
neither red or grey
and you know they say
its such a long way

see them fall in line
living by design
but now don't you think
its about time

to wake up, wake up
to be something more
than a dreamer

when you break down
and fade out
its easy to fall back asleep

but here's today
we can't hesitate
we can't walk away
there's too much to say

such a waste of time
to be deaf and blind
and to bow to
their colorless confines

so please wake up
and stay up
to see that there's so little time
won't you slow down
and hold out
to see that there's
truth to be found

but if no one is listening
then what's really missing
is a way for us to know
when's the right time
to come and to go
and to ask and to know
and to care and to let it go

that's the last time
I fall in line
what's the use in belonging
just dry your eyes
and say goodbye

but don't let them behind your eyes
it will always be you who decides
and don't let your soul decay
and don't give yourself away
there is only one choice to make
and it could go either way

The Last Time

Written By: Courtney Vincent

take just a final glimpse
back into the light of what you were
of what you leave
so willingly behind
before you realize
the time has found you
to finally surrender
but first you search
the emptiest of eyes

to see nothing but shadows
where once there was
nothing but light
to see there's still love
admit its not enough
to see maybe nothing
can save you this time

this time, not a reason
this time, only fear

does paradise turn into hell
just as the sky will awaken
does sacrifice become revenge
when all you are and all you were
seems to amount to nothing

you'll find nothing that matters
therein everything for which
they will fight
you'll see there's a sun
but no light from above
you'll see its the darkness
we all must abide

darkness pulls you under
this time, no way out

only this moment...
neither is reaching out...

so take just a final memory
of the time when we were human
before you end up gazing back
into the sky defeated
when there is only this moment
and neither will reach out

because this is the last time
I look to your cold eyes for reason
and this is the last touch
that will render you
some kind of feeling


Black Swan EP Tracks:
1. "Altered"
2. "Holding Out"
3. "Melancholia"
4. "Wake Up"
5. "The Last Time"

Set List

Typical Set List:
1. "Masquerade"
2. "Altered"
3. "Melancholia"
4. "Either Way"
5. "Out of Reach"
6. "Holding Out"
7. "The Last Time"
8. "Outnumbered"
9. "Waiting"
10. "Narcissus"

Our set thus far has typically consisted of 10 to 15 songs. We usually play 10 or 11 originals and 4 or 5 covers. We have roughly 13 originals, other works in the making, and an extensive cover repetoire that includes many songs from the following artists:
Jimi Hendrix
B.B. King
Pink Floyd
The Cure
Otis Redding