Black Swedes

Black Swedes


Epic dance rock meets face-melting heartbreak. Black Swedes are a jangly, chimey, rock band, like a murky Huey Lewis and the News.


“Moody and melancholic, yet catchy, the Black Swedes are bound to make more converts…” -Bacon Master,

“These sad bastards refresh rather than depress, like a glass of water after the tears.” -Rachel Dovey, Sound Magazine NW

“Solid sound. I will continue to explore…the Black Swedes.” -Derek Olson,

Black Swedes is a Seattle-based rock and roll band showcasing intricate yet hooky guitar work over a bombastic rhythm section. The band includes Ian Bell on vocals, Matt Benham on guitar, Jon Wooster on Bass, and Andy King on drums. Their influences, including The Police, Wilco, The Smiths, Television, and Joy Division, inform their pop-tinged jaunts through rock’s darker fringes. Their new full length album Phase is set to be self-released in May.

Benham and Bell joined forces in the spring of 2007 to collaborate as a folk songwriting duo that eventually blossomed into a traditional rock group, enlisting the priceless talents of bassist Wooster and drummer King. Their former project’s (Wooster and Benham’s Argo, Bell’s sea.mine) demise meant a new band could unite to create a sound more powerful and cutting than the melancholy sound of their acoustic work.

Combining their unique talents, and the sounds of their other endeavours (Benham’s Black Hills, and King’s Eighteen Individual Eyes), Black Swedes have been a part of several high profile shows in the Pacific Northwest opening for such artists as Jeremy Enigk (@ the Night Life in Bellingham, WA), Soulive (at Neumo’s in Seattle, WA) and The Weakerthans (at Neumo’s in Seattle, WA).

Black Swedes are currently slated to self-release their new full length album in May.


Tempest - LP
Things I Tried to Misplace - EP
Catching up with...the Black Swedes - LP
Waiting For/Giants - Single
Phase - LP