Black Swift

Black Swift

 Stuttgart, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, DEU

Black Swift, is a unique blend of strong vocals, distinctive melodies and diverse mix of rock, gypsy and folk influences.


Over time, Black Swift has featured a revolving cast of musicians and instruments, but the core sound stays with the songwriting and vocals of Sally Grayson (USA). Grayson (composer, vocals, guitar, piano, accordian) grew up on a farm in small town Michigan surrounded by country music. Hating anything country, she consumed her ears with early 90s metal. Learning how to play a Metallica song from her cousin Keith, she was inspired to continue on the guitar and write her own songs. From there she played for many years with a rock band from Minneapolis called Standbye. Her music now is a mix of rock, folk, indie, gypsy, and yes, although she hates to admit it, a twinge of old country influences...

Black Swift recently put out an ep called "Now at Last." With a mix of catchy rock, warm ballads with piano and accordian and even a waltz to get you moving, the diversity of songs make it hard to put the music into one genre, yet they flow together creating a connection for a whole. Artists who performed on the recording were Zarmontacola (Jumbo Jet, Themroc) on drums, Zorro Vegas on bass, and other contributing musicians. Although Grayson's music has been written and performed across the globe, the more consistant members of Black Swift are based in Stuttgart Germany.


"Now at Last" ep 2009

Set List

30-45 minutes
Set list consists of all original songs.