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Black Tae

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Black Tae is an extremely unique artist who provides quality music with an urban twist by creating innovative lyrics; taking real life situations and painting masterpieces on musical canvases, bringing the streets to your front door with his skillful depictions of urbanized living.


"Black Tae a.k.a. Black Jesus" was born as Dante Miller in Philadelphia, PA in the early 1980's during the rise of Hip Hop. Being born to two teenage parents, the first generation of Hip Hop, it was in his every sight. Unfortunately, at a young age his parents separated and both Tae and his mother settled at Larchwood Gardens Housing Projects in Southwest, Philadelphia. From there he moved to West Philly, Northwest Philly and South Philly. His style of music is quite unique due to his complex lifestyle. Born and raised in Philadelphia’s ghettos, he very often got the chance to witness the harsh realities of life. Fortunately, he was determined to change his situation, become a leader and not another statistic. So after high school, Black Tae decided to further his education by receiving his B.S. in Business Management and his MBA in International Business. So, now that his mind’s right and with the city "on his back" he's here to HOLD IT DOWN for the 215, taking you from the block straight to the classroom. So, get ready to witness the best and the worst of both worlds as he tells his story through quality music with an urban twist. GET AFFILIATED!


The Best of Black Tae vol. #1

Step Up
Fly As Can Be

Set List

My current sets typically run from 20 to 30 minutes. I perform original material.