Black & Tan Carpet Band

Black & Tan Carpet Band


Eclectic Rock n break it down:
folk-prog-classic-funky rock...created by the comraderie & diversity in the line-up. Makin' people get up and sing n' dance


Harmonious rock n' roll, with an unmistakeable groove. That's why the people keep coming back...and talking about the experience. Obviously, a good vibe sets the mood off right...but then add the tasty,yet semi-insane energy put on by BATCB....the music sticks to your auditory cortex like krazy-glue. This only leaves one question:
What the hell is wrong with these guys?

Well, with influences ranging from Yes to P-Funkadelic, the range of musicianship starts to become clear. The Who blaring the rock to Bob Dylan 's soulful honesty.

"A hippie version of Alice In Chains!" proclaimed a new fan at a BATCB show recently...but they had only seen ONE, this band isn't to be FULLY understood in just one sitting. Like a railroad car needs coal, the BATCB experience is an everchanging good time.


released 7/02
c. BATCB music 2002
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Set List

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