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Black & Tan Carpet Band

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Funk/Rock act Black and Tan Carpet Band turns tight grooves, solid live show into growing following ....

When you hear the name the Black and Tan Carpet Band, you probably first think of beer. Or maybe cleaning beer out of a dirty patchwork rug.

Or if you've seen the actual band live or heard their debut EP, Dirty Mama, you'll more likely think of the organic Funk and Roll band that has been working over the Cincinnati club circuit like a prizefighter for the past couple of years. (For the record, the name came from the color scheme of their early practice space).

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"The Black and Tan Carpet Band presented a thoroughly top notch set which featured extraordinarily tight musicianship and truly unique original tunes that held my attention and kept my foot a-tapping and head a-banging throughout their entire performance. The dual lead guitar work and interactive two-part harmonies were absolutely flawless. A damn fine modern quintessential party/jam band if ever I saw one. " - Bludy Hell


released 7/02
c. BATCB music 2002
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Harmonious rock n' roll, with an unmistakeable groove. That's why the people keep coming back...and talking about the experience. Obviously, a good vibe sets the mood off right...but then add the tasty,yet semi-insane energy put on by BATCB....the music sticks to your auditory cortex like krazy-glue. This only leaves one question:
What the hell is wrong with these guys?

Well, with influences ranging from Yes to P-Funkadelic, the range of musicianship starts to become clear. The Who blaring the rock to Bob Dylan 's soulful honesty.

"A hippie version of Alice In Chains!" proclaimed a new fan at a BATCB show recently...but they had only seen ONE, this band isn't to be FULLY understood in just one sitting. Like a railroad car needs coal, the BATCB experience is an everchanging good time.