Black Tequila

Black Tequila


“Epicore” : Elements of punk rock, new metal and emo unite and are epically fortified through the influences of an electric violin and synthesizers. Racy guitar riffs, cracking bass and hard-core drumming join together with distorted violin and synthie sounds forming a musical collectivity.


In 2001 two brothers, Martin and Christoph Kühn founded the band „Black Tequila“ and spent their first year playing garage punk together with a friend. Due to a lack of funds and other suitable options their parents laundry cellar was used for practising.
In the following year for a project they wanted to do an orchestral cover version of Metallica’s song “nothing else matters” they then contacted some other musicians (a 2nd guitarist, a bass player, a pianist and two violinists), and the number of band members grew temporarily up to eight. After this metal meets classic experiment five musicians from the actual formation finally stayed and recorded the first album “Sightseeing Of A Soul”.

The punk anthem „One Day“ won the newcomer vote on the show ”Die Pop-Agenten” of the Berlin based radio station „Fritz”.

After this the band started playing more and more concerts and participated in several contests. During this period the band’s sound changed and picked up influences from New Metal, Hardcore and progressive rock. To document their progress for posterity they recorded the demo EP “EpiCore”. After having found their original sound, gathering further ideas and a lot of stage experience Black Tequila went back to the studio again at the end of 2004 to produce the album “Straight Away”.
Realising that there was a front man missing and needing to get the music’s energy across while playing live, the search for a new drummer started (Christoph had been singing and playing the drums before). Finally the perfectly matching addition was found in Steffen T. from Dresden. Now almost a hundred shows have successfully rocked. The band is hungry for more …

For 2007 Black Tequila was engaged by the theatre “Neue Bühne Senftenberg” (won the German “theatre of the year” award in 2005/2006) to compose and play the soundtrack to a modern version of Goethe’s “The Sorrows of young Werther”. During spring 2008 Black Tequila was touring through Germany with this show.

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2002 "Sightseeing Of A Soul"
2003 "EpiCore - Demo"
2005 "Straight Away"
2007 “Feuerherz” Soundtrack

all self published

Set List

typical set-lenghth 60 minutes.
repertoire of own songs up to 120 minutes.
sometimes we play one cover song (max) during the bonus songs.