Black Them Boots

Black Them Boots


Blurring the genre lines, Black Them Boots connects with their audiences through solid, playful melodies that play off the band’s folk and rock inspirations. With witty lyrics and driven guitars, the band has a stage presence to be reckoned with and a sound that brings crowds to their feet.


Black Them Boots’ first full-length record Fancy was released in the spring of 2009, marking a new era for this alternative / indie rock band out of Southern California.

Taking its name from a verse in a ring-play folk song, Black Them Boots was first formed by singer-songwriter Larry Corte and guitarist Pat Martín in the summer of 2006 in Costa Mesa. What started as a fun folk rock project quickly turned darker and harder after a series of personal tragedies for band members in 2007. Confined to his couch after a severe snowboarding accident, Larry spent months with only his guitar and a notebook. What resulted are songs where witty, sardonic lyrics lace their way through surprisingly playful melodies. And the music evolved, too. Inching away from its purely lighthearted roots, the staple stomp and twang was paired with more modern beats and driven, effected guitars for a unique blend of rock that is at once sweet and hard-hitting.

Bassist Mark Waters and drummer Chris Fischer recorded on Fancy, but as the band’s buzz grew after “Locked Up”—the record’s fourth track—was used on a Surfline TV video with over 60,000 plays, they could no longer keep up with the demands that came with success. By late spring of 2009, drummer Mike Vallejo and musical genius Daryl Price completed their current line-up.

In the summer of 2009, Black Them Boots toured the US, hitting over 22 venues nationwide, creating a buzz and leaving their catchy melodies ringing in people's ears for days. The band is currently working on demos of all-new material that is sure to prove their worthiness as a solid American rock band with a new-found national presence that continues to get better with time.


EP (demo) - "Make Em' Shine"
7" - Single - "Don't Look Back"
LP - "Fancy"

Set List

30-45 minutes, all original.