Black Tie Dynasty

Black Tie Dynasty


Sleek synth-rock for the modern day.


Black Tie Dynasty is taking a bold step in a new direction. Focused and confident, BTD is prepared to release their most ambitious work. Their latest album, Down Like Anyone transcends all expectations and fully realizes the bands potential as one on the cutting edge of innovation, prepared to make vital contributions to the world of music.
Honing their sound for over seven years, the Texas quartet’s signature style is rich and distinct as each song soars with epic grandeur and genuine passion. Teeming with visceral urgency Cory Watson’s emotive lyrics soar over platinum guitar riffs and Brian McCorquodale’s hook-heavy synths. Blake McWhorter’s pulsating bass lines and Eddie Thomas’ boundless precision on drums transform any observant crowd into a dance party.
Having toured extensively throughout the U.S., their commanding live performance continues to win over fans and critics alike. Their debut album Movements (2005) received thousands of spins on commercial and college radio with its’ first two singles “Tender” and “I Like U”. To date, Movements has sold more than 10,000 copies worldwide.
In Fall 2008, the band plans to self-release their highly anticipated sophomore album Down Like Anyone. Teamed up with Producer John Congleton(The Paper Chase), Down Like Anyone is Black Tie Dynasty’s crowning achievement. Brimming with their trademark hooks, Down Like Anyone maintains sophistication and poise while exploring some of the groups most dynamic and electrifying material.
The album breaks loose with the emphatic “Cruel Canopy”, a twisted emotional anthem, featuring roaring guitar and heart-thumping bass lines. Watson howls “You don’t love me like I love you…” over a wash of sinister keys and irreverent drums while being capsized by layers of riotous strings. Other songs, such as “100x” and “Much Scarier”, represent some of the bands most timeless pop songs. The drop dead single “Lay Low” delivers mainstream appeal, with a chorus that will stay etched in your memory forever.
Black Tie Dynasty is fast becoming a major presence in the indie rock scene and poised to make their mark in the world of music. On their latest album Down Like Anyone, they defy all odds and expectations and leave a lasting impression that will resonate for years to come.


This Stays Between Us EP-2005 Idol Records
Bloody Basin EP-2005 Idol Records
Movements LP-2005 Idol Records
Tender single-2005 Idol Records
I Like U single-2005 Idol Records

Set List

BTD does all original songs. Sets generally last for up to one hour or 10-15 songs.