William Everett

William Everett


An eclectic 5 man group that provides a new take and combination on old funk, rock and psychedelic sounds while delivering catchy tunes and an engaging and ever changing live performance.


Our music brings together the genres of the Blues, funk, and rock accompanied with high energy drumming. Our influences range from Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Incubus, Kings of Leon, Robert Johnson, Tool, Parliament, John Mayer, Hendrix and a wide assortment of jazz and R&B artists. This combines to form a unique sound going in a direction opposite of where rock has been going, to create a sound enjoyable to all, both rock and pop lovers alike. The members of Black Tie Optional came together as older projects subsided, With William and Matt playing acoustic shows while looking for a drummer and bassist, which they found in Steven and Brent. After some shows Cody was brought into the group to add depth and color to the band. We are now being heard on 105.3 WFIV in Knoxville, TN, and will soon be on 90.3 WUTK in Knoxville as well. We are currently recording our first EP and are also working on a music video for our single "The Color of Things".


The Color of Things

Written By: William Goodman

a million stars in the sky
a glittered glass garden is what we are
a billion lives passing by
Stranded in drive waiting for my
life to arrive

Im All Mixed up
everythins in black and white
I’m all Fixed up
maybe i just cant decide and
I know
that this isint what the good plan is
but I don’t
need anymore of this

Oh and look at these institutions
pressured promises and the dreams of others
oh and look at all the people
who live like every other
Birkenstock lover

I'm all Mixed up
everythings in black and white
I’m all fixed up
maybe i just cant decide
I know
that this isn't what the good plan is but
I don’t
need anymore of this?

Looking for a ride to start my life

and say what you will about it
only matters how i feel about it
go on say what you will about it
only matters how i feel about it


The Color of Things *Air Play on 105.3 WVLT"
Free Your Mind

Set List

Sets can range from 1 hour to 2 depending on time requirements, longer or shorter if necessary.

Songs in no particular order:

The Color of Things
Free your Mind
Feet in the Sand
You Know
Hello Goodbye

Voodoo Chile- Hendrix
Cocaine- Clapton
All Along the Watchtower- Dylan
Reptilia- The Strokes
Welcome to Jamrock- Damien Marley
Low rider- War
Catfish Blues- (Hendrix Version)
Gravity- John Mayer
Fans- Kings of Leon
Play That Funky Music- Wild Cherry
Teakwood bets- Perpetual Groove
Texas Flood- SRV