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Black Tie Revue is a band based on the rush of ironic irresponsibility that comes with your 21st birthday and that first legitimate Jagermeister; on the thrilling social U-turn when the young, awkward and geeky start beating off girls like A Hard Day’s Night. Black Tie Revue is about your first band being hailed by people like Scott McCaughey (of Young Fresh Fellows and R.E.M. fame), who saw the band while in town playing with R.E.M. and immediately offered to produce them; or garage-rock legends The Cynics, who put BTR on their South By Southwest showcase before Black Tie had even released a single. Black Tie Revue is about having your hometown newspaper call you Pittsburgh’s “most likely to succeed” less than two years after first playing a lick together.

In other words, Pittsburgh’s Black Tie Revue is everything great about being young, geeky and American: Addictively hooky, powerful, flagrantly irresponsible three-chord pop songs, loud guitars and new-wave keyboards, and a whole lot of jumping around.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out Introducing Black Tie Revue, about which Pittsburgh City Paper said: “It clocks in at three songs, eight-and-a-half minutes, six disarmingly addictive hooks and 320 embarrassing, living-room air-guitar moments. In other words, Introducing is the kind of thing for which New York City or Manchester bands get hailed as ‘next big things’ …” We guarantee that 30 seconds into “Code Fun” you’ll be standing on a table, wiping bourbon off your chin and laughing out loud that somebody in 2005 could make rock music so damn perfect.

It hasn’t all been easy for Anthony Badamo (vocals/guitar), Matthew Hanzes (bass/vocals), John-Paul McCormick (guitar/vocals), Jesse Ley (keyboards), and Paul Felty (drums). In 2004, Black Tie Revue had the majority of its gear stolen over several separate incidents, watched one co-founding member move to Las Vegas, and stood helplessly on the side of the highway as their van – and another set of equipment – went up in flames. But they know that rock 'n' roll is their destiny, so it’s never been hard to keep going – from Little Steven’s Battle of the Bands at the Stone Pony, to New York City’s legendary Tiswas club night, to South By Southwest in Austin and CMJ in New York, to gigs with everyone from Death From Above 1979 to the Von Bondies to the Raveonettes to M. Ward.

In August of 2005, BTR recorded their first LP, "Code Fun," with the Brothers (!!!, Radio 4, Oxford Collapse) at their Brothers Studio in Brooklyn, New York. The album was released on Gearhead Records on April 17, 2007, and is drawing rave reviews from every corner of the world.

- JH (with revisions by MH)


April 17, 2007 - Code Fun (Gearhead Records)
01. Red Everywhere
02. I'm So Sure
03. Code Fun
04. Call Waiting
05. There's Nothing Wrong With Veronica
06. Vegas Sticks
07. Too Much Thinking
08. The Late Show
09. All of the Fish in the Sea
10. Absent Radio

January 28, 2005 - Introducing Black Tie Revue (self-released)
01. Code Fun
02. Absent Radio
03. Vegas Sticks

Set List

Black Tie Revue play sets that usually run 40-minutes-or-less. They play nothing but solid gold hits.