Black Tie Society

Black Tie Society


I suppose the sound Im going for would be that of the Beatles and David Bowie making love in the back of Beck's touring van with Ben Folds as a curious and interested onlooker and The Beastie Boys DJ'ing the sexy music.


Founded in the 1920s as a way to capitalize on Prohibition era decadence, The Black
Tie Society began as a song and dance act in the speakeasies and brothels of New York
City. Quickly gaining popularity amongst the seediest of the Big Apple's
boozerunners and "reefer" addicts, the Society gained a reputation, not only for their
raucous and often violent stage shows, but for the debauchery that was rumored to
occur after the curtains had been drawn and the stage lights dimmed.

Though its membership was never set in stone, the ranks of this band of ruthless
revelers included many of the era’s most promising musicians such as: John "Lefty"
Snipowitz (who would later become Cary Grant’s body double in nearly all of his films)
and Pepe "illegally made liquor salesman" Sernaqué.

Unfortunately for the Society, tales of their exploits had reached the ears of the
infamous gangster Dutch Schultz who, threatened by the Society's growing popularity,
issued the famous ultimatum, "Leave or I will kill you."

Having no interest in dying, the Society (numbering nearly two dozen at this point)
packed up their immodest belongings and headed to Hollywood where they took residence
in a sprawling manor nestled in the hills and began anew, performing for the glamorous
stars of the silver screen and earning the coveted "house band" spot at William
Randolph Hearst’s San Simeon estate. Shady dealing began to surface again, however,
as increasingly dangerous drugs and sexual exploits became the focus of the Society's
image. The carefree days of harmless weeklong parties drifted into memory.

After 1948, not much is known about the Society. As its ranks swelled, security
tightened and the Society went underground, existing only as a whisper on the lips of
young and curious Angelenos. Rumors flew that the Society was now based in South
America, biding its time, waiting for the proper moment to return. Offshoots still
exist everywhere however, most notably the band whose site you are currently visiting;
its musicians remain devoted followers of the original Black Tie Society's message,
updating the sound for a more modern audience but continuing to spread the Society’s
ideals in a fast moving world.


2005-Black Tie Sociey EP
new EP scheduled for Feb 2006 release.

Set List

Slow Brained
Leaving This Town
Low Cut Lucy
Oh, you've got it rough
Two looks, One for her
Ballroom Baby
Scary (like a heart attack)
Bouncing Ball
We generally perform 40 minute sets and have a variety of covers ranging from Queen to Cole Porter.